Latest Update About The Bird Box | Casting Sandra Birdock


The movie was amazing. Not over the top Black Panther amazing but it was a nicely written out movie that was based on a book. Maybe all those cliffhangers and questions lead to a second movie.

The actors are the only reason why that movie was decent… People need to stop hyping up this movie. The story is not original. Plots were way too predictable. This movie is a metaphor for how Blind Americans are towards Donald Trump’s presidency. Running through the wood and navigating a boat through rapids blindfolded seems less plausible than the extraterrestrial and supernatural thingy outside. The ending is also satisfying either.

Bird Box is what happens when you take a horrible premise from the 2008 movie “The Happening” by M. Night Shyamalan and actually make a great movie out of it. In “The Happening” the premise is that people are basically committing suicide. Because all the trees in the world have developed a self-defense method.

This method involves releasing gases that when inhaled cause people to kill themselves in extremely graphic fashion. In “Bird Box”, people commit suicide in that same graphic fashion. But the reason is far more interesting and believable (even if it’s a bit outlandish).

Suicides in “Bird Box” are due to supernatural creatures that can’t be seen by the audience. But if seen by an actor they are overcome with immense sadness and depression. That is so intense the subject immediately commits suicide in the most horrible way possible. So to avoid these actors in “Bird Box” spend most of their time indoors and MUST be blindfolded when outside at all times!


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