Kylie Jenner’s Unzipped Cleavage Gone viral on Instagram

kylie jenner


Kylie Jenner remains in headlines for one reason or another. Recently,  her unzipped cleavage in a tight and ribbed white top. She unzipped that zip-up knitwear intentionally. She shared a strings of eye-poping photos in which she showcased her cleavage.

All these photos have been shared with intention to do Kylie Cosmetic promotion. However, her unzipped photo gone viral on instagram. Some fans admired her look via other jokes about it.

A few fans shared funny remarks while other likes those comments and stretch it more with other humorous comments.

One of most-liked comments among all was :

“Ur jacket is messed up. I can get my grandma to fix it for u.” it got more than 210 likes.

“Does the zipper bug anyone else? cuz that’s like a pet peeve of mine,” was another popular response.

“Um ur zipper is broken,” another fan spotted an issue like this.

Kylie is busy innpromoting her seasonable merchandise. She remained busy in launching her beauty line at the start of this year. At the same time, she worked on Kylie Cosmetic empire and didn’t overlook it. The reason behind her title of World’s youngest billionaire is nothing but her cosmetic business.

After her white-top un-zip photo got viral, many fans were intentionally driving zip-related comments up with likes.

“Ummm yeah no not his job Travis can do that,” one user wrote.

He was referring to Travis Scott who is father of Stormi and boyfriend of Kylie Jenner. Fan joked that her top needed some kind of work.

You should check latest updates of her work on Kylie’s instagram account.

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