Know About the New Cast Addition in Ozark Season 3?

Netflix's Ozark Season 3 Soon to Release with a New Set of Cast and Characters to Spice up the Crime Thriller Series!

ozark season 3

Ozark is one of Netflix’s hit-hard series which scorch the screens with its unbeatable representation of plot, characters, and setting.

As you know, Ozark revolves around the Byrdes who appears to be involved in laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel.

However, by the end of Ozark Season 2, fans witnessed a slight change in Wendy and Marty’s character. Staggeringly, Marty appears to be ready to quite money laundering. Whereas, on the other hand, Wendy seems to continue the illegal acts putting her family on stake.

Well, Season 3 will surely hype the intensity among fans. Makers are introducing a new set of cast and characters in Ozark Season 3 to bring more twists and turns.

In Season 3, fans will witness new characters will enter the thriller crime drama and spice up the series.

In Ozark Season 3, fans will witness the entry of Ben Davis (played by Tom Pelphrey) in the series, who is Wendy’s brother. As per the speculation, Ben being mentally ill and disturbed will badly affect the Byrdes family.

Moreover, a new FBI agent named Maya Miller (played by Jessica Francis Dukes) will enter Ozark Season 3. Consequently, Maya will investigate the money laundering case in which Marty involved.

Most importantly, Omar named character will set the fire to blaze the intensity among Ozark fans in Season 3. As per speculations, Omar, the Mexico cartel dealer will strike hard the Byrdes family. 

So, Ozark Season 3 will be hell sensitizing.

However, there is no official confirmation news about the release date of Ozark Season 3.

As per expectation, Ozark Season 3 will release by the end of 2019. Or else we will have to wait a bit more, may until 2020.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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