Kingdom Season 2, Plot and Release Details Revealed

Kingdom Season 2

Kingdom Season 2 will Soon Get Back on Screen, Seo Bi and Prince Survived, Ahead to Spark the Season 2!

The Korean Series, Kingdom owns a huge fanbase. The fans have praised the series quite highly since its beginning.

However, the end of Season 1 left the fans devastated and curious. At the end of Season 2, viewers witnessed a zombie attack on Seo Bi and Prince Lee Chang. Unfortunately, till then the fans had no idea what happened to them further. Will they succeed in saving themselves? 

For a quite long time, fans didn’t get any news about the coming of Season 2. However, back in Feb, fans get to know about the production of Season 2 has begun. Well, still the fans don’t know when will the makers release Kingdom Season 2.

So, hold on to your breaths, Korean fans, your favorite Series, Kingdom will hit the screens at the beginning of 2020.

Surely, the makers will give another array of 6 episodes in season 2 as of the season 1.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have any official news about the release date of Kingdom Season 2. However, as per expectation, it may release by the mid of January 2020.

So, hold on, the questions including where the Prince and Seo Bi both are safe and together or there’s going to be some other twist, will be answered in Season 2.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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