Kendall Jenner is Setting a Trend of Black Flip-flop heels

Kendall Jenner Bella Hadid Cannes
(Bella and Jenner both were joined by Momager Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble!)

Kendall Jenner is always spotted with something new and trendy. Last night , she appeared in a graphic floral tank dress whose length ends below her sexy knees. But the most amazing thing of her look was a controversial black thong flip-flop style heels she wore.

Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian picked the same flip-flop stiletto as a regular for her day out. Now the same style is worn by Kendall Jenner for her night out.  This shoes has become somewhat controversial due to her slightly curved kitten heel style.

Kendall’s unique shoes wasn’t the only accessory,  white parade bag with gold chain strap was another masterpiece accessory of her fashionista look.

She decided to wear a pair of this bougie beach shoe in a ritzy location of Mykonos.  At this place, shoes like this offer great comfort. Wearing thong style in summer let you offer full-time air to your feet. Girls whose feet are sweaty all the time can consider following this black flip-flop heels style.

Kendall is spending her vacation in Mykonos, Greece. She has to get back to her fashion runway task from September, 2019 thus she is trying to make the most from her off-time.  Last day, she completed bottle cap challenge on the request of Hailey Bieber. While she got criticized for this challenge but we can definitely appreciate the cool way she done this challenge after Justin Bieber.


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