Jane The Virgin Season 5 Episode 3: Chapter Eighty Four Release Date and Spoilers!

Jane The Virgin Season 5

I am here to tell you about the next episode of Jane the Virgin season 5. As you know, the second episode was released, and now the third one is coming. Viewers want to know about the next chapter.

First let’s talk about the story, first two episodes of the season 5, and then we will tell you about what might be happening in the third episode of Jane the Virgin season 5.

Background of the story

Jane Villanueva is the daughter of a teen mother, who don’t want to repeat her mother’s mistake. Jane wishes to become a teacher after studying. Although she engaged to a handsome man who supports in everything, even she respects her decision to remain virgin until marriage.

Now Jane faces a situation where she knows her sperm donor is her boss, Rafael. Therefore, she is facing complex decisions.

What happened in the second episode?

Jane is shocked after knowing that Michael is alive. Jane feels disappointment to see the fact that she is still the wife of Michael. Meanwhile, Michael knows, she wants a divorce and does not love him. Moreover, Michael kissed Jane to know that whether she still have any feeling about him or not.

What will happen in Jane in Virgin Season 5 Episode 3?

We will see in the third episode; Jane is trying to forget Michael. But, it is not easy for her, although as we know, she is also still struggling with her amnesia.

According to some spoilers, Michael will not give up on Jane.

When will Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 3 release?

The Third episode of the Jane the Virgin Season 5 is set to release on 10 April 2019. It is also titled as ” Chapter Eighty-Four.”

Where can you see?

You can catch up this show on The CW every Wednesday at 9 PM. Moreover, you also can see online on Hulu, DirecTV, Roku, etc.


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