‘‘IT: Chapter One’’ Returning to Theaters With Special ‘Chapter 2’ Preview!

Have more details about the next sequel of IT Chapter 2!

It Chapter 2

IT: Chapter 2 will literally have an effect on many scary emotions.  It can overall, tries and succeeds. If you were afraid or disappointed by the original movies, and are looking to be scared. Then it gets the job done well. Good writing too, the kids have a good connection and later in the third act, it has you realize the losers are better together. And that’s the point of the movie, fighting together, rather fighting alone.

Though trailers and clips presented “IT” as a horrifying venture. The theme of the film is actually monstrous and mysterious, banded with elements of horror in between the intriguing story.

The acting of the kids is too good to believe, and the happenings & mystery-filled storyline tries to engage you to the end. And it succeeds at times but lacks the punch it needed to build up a great mystery.

There are a few moments of horrifying scenes but it is not as much as shown in trailers. Overall it’s a good film with a mysterious storyline and some horrifying elements about a monstrous character eating children. And all of you may be heard from our grandparents in the past except that it is presented in a different way.

However, the child character from the previous chapter will return back in the cast of “IT Chapter 2”. Moreover, they cast Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, and James McAvoy. The “IT Chapter 2 will hit the cinemas on 6th September 2019.


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