Is Brooklyn Artist TrifeDrew the evolution of Hip-Hop


In the rap game there has been many hidden geniuses. One who comes off the top of the head would be Kanye West. The multi-platinum Grammy nominated artist started off his career as a producer making beats. He even helped others artist skyrocket their careers such as Jamie Foxx. The versatility of being able to produce and create music made him a powerhouse in the rap community.

New York rapper, TrifeDrew seems to have had his start in the music industry in a similar fashion. The young rapper started out as a cinematographer and editor for the multiplatinum artist Tekashi 69. Trife was featured on the “Gummo” rapper’s debit album “DUMMY BOY”. Contributing a verse on the album closer “DUMMY”. TrifeDrew also provided vocals on the songs “WONDO” & “KANGA”. The artists started working together back in 2015.

TrifeDrew has since then started his own rap career. Knowing the in and outs of the industry on both sides of the camera. TrifeDrew already has a leg up on his peers. He has gone on to drop his debut single “Baby Mama” produced by Jahnei Clarke. The Brooklyn born rapper is working on more music and plans to keep dropping more heat.


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