Importance of revising chapter wise important questions

Importance of revising

CBSE has reached academic excellence in making the students’ preparation strong by building the foundation of the subjects. Giving them the confidence and the ability to answer the questions especially in the field of science and maths is highly appreciable. The importance of revising chapter-wise solutions and the questions is to make the students prepare with excellence giving guidance not only in the board exams but also in the competitive exams. 

What are important questions in the chapters?

Ans: Chapter wise important questions are those questions that would have appeared in the exams almost every year. The chances of these appearing in the exams are more, hence we call these important questions.

Revising chapter wise questions

One cannot say exactly what is important and what is not, it is just the guesswork and the questions in the previous years’ question paper that make some of the questions important. Students have to be thorough with each question and section of every subject.

Highlighting the important questions while preparing the notes

It is always better if you mark or highlight the questions in the notebooks while preparing the chapter-wise notes. This will help you to remember while revising each chapter and need not go through the hard work in searching for the important questions again.

Method to know the important question

While reading the chapter or solving a problem or learning any definition you can mark those which are a little complicated or if you feel that you need more time for the question. The next step is to see in the question papers if any of the questions have appeared connected with this chapter. If yes then that is your important question. You can mark with different colors to differentiate the priorities which will help you to revise in an organized way.

Allowing enough time for revision

If you have completed the syllabus it is better to start the revision earlier. This will help you to know the progress of the preparation or you will know if any chapter needs some more preparation or not. All these can be managed during the revision.

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Study plan for the revision 

You would have made a study plan when you started the preparation. Even the revision needs a proper study plan dividing the subjects and the chapter for each day. This will make your revision simple and effective.

 While revising, if you come across anything which you would have left without learning, do not postpone or keep it for the next day. Postponing or delaying means you might forget or even if you remember at the last moment you won’t be able to learn thoroughly or the learning becomes incomplete. Any incomplete learning means the lowering of your grades.

Give importance and devote sufficient time to all the subjects. Don’t neglect any subjects. 

Revision is not just going through the notes or textbook. While revising you have to know your weak points and focus more on the same so you will remember till the exam.

Subject wise Revision 

Mathematics- Revision of maths is an important part as it is a high-scoring subject. The more you practice the more you will be perfect and confident. You would have already worked out all the problems in the chapters. Now while revising the chapters you need not do all the sums again. You can select a few problems and solve them. Do the problems stepwise with concentration and focus. Check your answers to know if your attempts are right or wrong.


Physics –Revise the formulas and the definitions thoroughly. These are the scoring sections where the marks can be scored easily.

Biology – Focus on diagrams and the terminologies with spellings. Make note of the one which you want to revise before the exam or which you might find difficulty in remembering.

Chemistry- Revise the equations and the definitions and note the important questions or the equations which you need to revise again.

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English and Hindi -These are very important for your overall percentage. Focus on the exercise questions, the grammatical sections and revise thoroughly each chapter.

Focus on meanings and the summary of the poem. Revise the author and the poet name of each chapter in both languages.

Social Science- These have all three editions History, Civics, and Geography. Focus on the important dates and events in History. Revise the important topics in civics and geography. Check your notes and know the important topics and mark them if anything more important needs to be revised again.

Solving the sample question papers.

The most important aspect is to complete the paper in the given time. If you are allowed 3 hours make sure you complete at least 25 minutes before so you can revise your answer sheet. Practice on the sample question paper keeping track of time so you are confident and know your ability to complete the paper on time and will improve your writing skills.

While answering make sure that you write neatly and legibly. This will be a practice to write neatly during your exams.

Be calm and relaxed

It is very important to be calm and stay focused during the exams. Some students become anxious and nervous. This will make you forget things. Be confident and trust in your preparation. The hard work and the effort you would have put during the preparation will not be wasted.

Proper sleep

Don’t stay awake at night and study. This will spoil your next day’s preparation. Have a proper night’s sleep and eat well. These are very important so you will be energetic and focused on your goals.

Notes and the study materials

Keep all the notes and the sample question papers which you would have practiced properly. This will be helpful for a quick revision or a glance before the exam.

These simple revision tips will be useful for exam preparation and you can ace your exams.



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