Hunt A Killer Game

hunt a killer game

Introduction of the hunt a killer game

Hunt, a Killer, is a game that you have to get through buying their subscription. This game will give you a good experience as a detective. This is an objective game type where you will get a box full of evidence and suspicious object. Many people try to play this game as a matter of fun. They buy the subscription, and after getting that, the subscribers will get the hunt killer subscription box. The clues and documents you will get in this box will blow your mind, and you have to find the murderer from this piece of clues.

This game puts a unique spin or escape rooms by combining free-thinking and solving the box’s clues. You can get help from the internet too. You also get some photocopies of real crime investigation records. All box has some object like- jewellery tha6t comes in a plastic bag. The package will give you the evidence which will seems authentic to you. The investing goes until six months to get an accurate result of your work. 

This game is nothing but gives you some knowledge of detective or cops. As of nowadays, the situation people are too much busy online. The game developers have used this to make a profit and make the people not feel unusual at this pandemic time. Therefore, one will get good entertainment and idea about this crime.

What is inside the subscription box?

Hunt a killer game is a type of detective type game. Here you will get a subscription box every month, which is full of clues. In this pandemic situation, rather than going outside, people are wasting their time online. By using this facility, they caught their customers. As this is a type of practical game, people took the subscription of this game. After getting the subscription, you will get one subscription box. In this subscription box, you will get the clues for the first part of the case. 

In the box, you will get some photographs, letters, and random artefacts. The documents you will provide you with some photocopies of old case records. Moreover, after opening the box, you will get a welcome chart and a book of conditions and terms from them. They will also give some clues like-jewellery and objects in plastic bags. Therefore, these are the things you will get in a box for every episode to solve.

First subscription box of “hunt a killer.”

Most people get to know about this game through Instagram ads. Many of the drawn towards this game because this was a unique type of play. Here you will fall in love with real mysteries and crime investigations. When I was looking, the season that was going on was “Class of ’98’. I think that this would be the season where I can start the hunt for a killer mystery subscription. You will get the next box after one month as you got their subscription before. They always feature or update their package in every season. 

However, one can get the previous box of the seasons if he gets started from the middle of the season. Moreover, you will get the subscription box a week after the subscription. They will send the box quickly to your home after receiving the hunt a killer subscription. The box is much thinner than I thought. 

How to play the “hunt a killer” game?

In this game, you have to find the murderer. To find the murderer, there are some clues available in the subscription box. You will get a bunch of paper and clues in a box before your house door. These clues will instruct you on who is the killer? After that, it is 100 percent your job to find the killer using your own brain, just like the real detectives. There will be no guidance whatever, and whoever might be the killer, no steps, no instruction is there. You will get something just the photocopies of old case records.

And then it’s up to you to make sense and play the game. It is more fun to play with your partner or friends. Any of the hunt a killer game will make you think for three to four hours to progress. But you have to read a lot for this game. The most boring part of this game is that you have to read the documents for hours to solve the mission. As this does not have any feedback, therefore, what your theories or ideas are leading you is tough to say.

Price for a “hunt a killer” subscription and, does it worth it?

Hunt, a killer game, is a very interesting and unique product, quiet and unlike anything that you will play before. As in this pandemic situation, people are staying at home and getting an addict to some mystery TV shows. They love this hunt a killer game too. The price of the subscription box costs per month is between twenty-five and thirty dollars in terms of discounts given by the company. There is some box which you can solve in one-night costs ninety-nine dollars to one hundred ninety-nine dollars. 

Moreover, you can find discounts of up to twenty-five percent. There are some coupons like- FLASH25. Through which you can get discounts too. But they did not work for many people. Now let’s come to the important point, does it worth it? For me, it is not even closer to worth. To buy some piece of paper for a month in a thinner box for thirty dollars. After getting the box, you have to solve it too using your idea. Therefore, it is not worth forgiving thirty dollars for a month to solve some piece of paper.

Is the “hunt a killer game” a hoax, and what people criticize about it?

In this pandemic year, people are getting more online. The ‘hunt a killer” developer has made use of this time. The developers have started to give ADS on social media. When a person enters the link and wants to buy the subscription. In the link, there was only 25 subscription left and again when I enter there was 36 subscription left. After that, when I enter 2 minutes later, I saw 48 subscriptions left, which is a type of hoax by the developers to buy their subscriptions. 

Moreover, people criticize about the price of the subscription fee of this game. They are so fade up after getting the subscription box in their hand. The box was thinner than I thought. Only some papers and photocopies of some old case records were there. I also get some objects and jewelry in a plastic bag as a clue. But still, people do not support it to buy their subscription and criticize the game.

Extra “hunt a killer” pieces of information

People you like to play this game or want to play the game. They sometimes ask to upgrade their membership. But, now it is not possible to upgrade your membership. As the developers are now updating their system now one can not upgrade his subscription. 

Another important question is that, can I get my next box fast? If you are able to finish the mission earlier, you can get the next box fast. All you have to do is log in through your account to the game website and then visit the manage subscription page. Thereby clicking “Ship My Next Box ASAP.” If the condition of your country and weather remains well, you will get the shipment of your box by the next day. Moreover, people also ask, do you ship internationally? Yes, they do international shipping but depending on your country.


Can you play a season of Hunt a Killer Game more than once?

You can partially play a season more than once. If you enter into the game from the middle of the season, you have to play from the middle. But if you want to play from the first of the season, you have to pay extra money to start from the beginning of the season. Moreover, the premium experience might give you some facility as you can start from the beginning of the season.

How many people can play this game together, and what times it takes to solve it?

As “hunt, a killer” game is a mission type game, where you have to find the murderer using the clues. This can be done on your own or can be done with your friends too. But playing with your friend will give you more fun. The hunt a killer authority suggests not to play with more than 6 people in a group. However, now come to the question of how much time it needs to solve a problem. One needs more or less to solve a problem 90 minutes to 3 hours.

How much is a hunt a killer membership?

The monthly payment for the hunt of a killer game is thirty dollars subscription fee. In this, they also include shipping charges along with some VAT. A hunt a killer season is for six episodes per episode cost thirty dollars. One season costs 180 dollars. If you don’t want to continue the membership, you have to cancel it by logging in to their website. If you do not cancel your membership, they will deduct money from your account and still send you boxes.

Is hunt a killer game is cheaper?

For me, it’s not cheaper rather it is more expensive than a night out with friends. But if you distribute among the friends, it will be cheaper. If six or more friends divide the monthly fee of this game, it would become cheaper to you than visiting an escape house. For one person like me, it’s totally quite impossible to use money in this sector. For doing kinds of stuff as detectives do. However, I can give the money to the needy ones who really need the money.


Hunt a killer game is a type of real detective game. Here you will find some clues, papers, and photocopies of some old real crime documents. You have to use your brain and intimate it. By using these clues and objects, you have to find the murderer. In this pandemic situation, people are keeping themselves busy online. So the authority of the game publishes their Ads through social media to attract customers. People are also giving responses towards this game, and that is doing a huge profit to them. 

People are becoming online-based day by day. They can not even think of a single day without using the internet. They are taking more or less every facility from the internet. However, now we can see that they are even trying to taste of becoming detectives or cops through the internet. Therefore, in my opinion, rather than doing this, help poor people or the needy ones with the money you are wasting.



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