How will Salesforce Consulting Partner help you in Business Growth?

Business Growth

We are living in the 21st century. Everything has been digitalized in this era from our way of communicating to our way of shopping. There was a time when businesses rely on pen and paper for managing customer information and data. These days, they have applications to handle this task. Salesforce CRM is regarded as the number one customer management software all over the world. In order to make the most from this software, every business requires a Salesforce consulting partner. Today, I would like to tell you what Salesforce is , why every business relies on it, and how a business can boost its growth with the help of a Salesforce Implementation Partner.

What is Salesforce?

It is customer relationship management suite that unlocks the application for small, medium, and extensive organization. The whole focus of these applications is on sale and support.  This on-demand cloud software makes it easy for organization to manage customer account, track sales, analyze customer data, monitor marketing campaign, and do many other things. It includes a wide variety of application for different business needs, such as marketing automation, sales management, partner relationship management, and customer service.

A single Salesforce CRM platform allows you to access different kinds of business service application. There are lots of offers available on the Cloud, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Analytics Cloud.

What is Salesforce Used For?

It is a fact that many things have changed in the business industry since last century. But one thing which didn’t change yet is the importance of the customer. Almost every other business gives importance to its customers, which are the lifeblood of business for sure. Salesforce CRM helps the company to manage their customers, track their needs, generate sales, and satisfy them.

Business can add all data and information of their customer in these applications and then they can make the most from this information. Instead of selling their products to random customers, they can target those customers who are interested in their products.

When they analyze customer data, they can understand the needs and demands of individual customers. Therefore, they can offer customized product and service offering based on their customer’s needs and requirements. This is how they can make the most from Salesforce CRM, which can help them process their customer’s data in a way that they can generate helpful information from it.

With Salesforce CRM, a business can increase their customer satisfaction. They can manage customer queries and complains through this system and also get in touch with them with the mean of email campaigns and other advanced communication options. Now keeping all customer issues and queries at one place help you manage it well. Later you can analyze it and improve your business offerings. In the end, you will get happy customers whose concerns have been dealt with care and full attention.

Salesforce CRM is available on Cloud so that a user can access it from its Android and iOS Mobile and desktop devices anytime. Thus, any worker of a team can access it from a convenient device and complete its task.

What are Sale Cloud and Service Cloud features?

The company behind Salesforce says that Sale Cloud and Service Cloud are two popular clouds which work as complete CRM for any size of the business team. So, I would like to offer you a quick introduction to both applications.

Sale Cloud: This application helps your employees to manage sale leads and close deals in an efficient manner.

It has the following features:

  • Contact Management: Every sale agent has some customer contacts. Now, this contact can be added to any relevant case, social post, and activity.
  • Opportunity Management: Sale managers often offer deals. They can list their contracts based on price, quantity, and other codes quickly.
  • In-App Emails: Make a list of your leads emails, and then an agent can send email to leads directly within the salesforce.
  • Report Building: Sale agent can make their progress reports directly from this portal.
  • Team Collaboration: This CRM allows a sale agent to send and receive messages and files regarding their work.

According to a study,  business which use Sale CRM can expect a boost of 35 percent in lead generation.

Service Cloud: A business can serve its customer in a better way through this application. So, when customer retention is your primary goal, you should grab this app for your business. It brings a wide variety of tools with the mean of which a business can provide their customer “The best customer service.”

Main features of Service cloud include:

  • Customer chat: Customers can directly chat with sales agents.
  • Mobile Channels: If a customer wants to connect with an agent through mobile messaging like SMS Text or Facebook Messenger then this tool comes handy.
  • Social Customer Service: Business relies heavily on its social media following. Now they can manage it well through this tool.
  • Field Service: Your business sale agent can improve their performance by quickly accessing to their order, schedule, and inventory.
  • Omni Channel Records: On this CRM Platform, your workforce agent can come and access customer cases, assets, accounts, and other data /information when and where they want at any time. This tool offers a boost in employee’s productivity.

In simple words, this tool is designed to offer the best customer service to your customers.  If your workforce uses it the right way, then you can not only retain your customers but also can turn them into loyal ones.

How will Salesforce Consulting Partner Help in Business Growth?

You have got a whole idea about Salesforce CRM and its best features. Now the next thing which you should know is the importance of a Salesforce Consulting Partner. It is a tech and business savvy person who is the prime resource of the company. He helps you in salesforce implementation.  With his knowledge and experience of technical and functional features of Salesforce, he is better able to make the most from this software. His prime responsibility is to add value to your business by developing customized salesforce application according to your business needs and demand.

Salesforce implementation partner is competent enough to offer appropriate solutions to your business problems. He is a trusted Salesforce consultant who knows every feature of this CRM. And even he knows all about its recent updates.  This comprehensive knowledge of Salesforce CRM makes it easy for him to leverage these features for your business growth and success.

Alone Salesforce CRM won’t prove fruitful for your business until you choose the best Salesforce implementation partner for your organization.  Working with tools and application won’t bring any good for you. However, having a certified salesforce consultant who knows every little detail of this software would make the implementation process quite easy for you.

Wrap Up:

Every small or large business wants to manage its customer relationship in the best way. Salesforce CRM is a platform through which you can improve and maintain your customers. A Salesforce consulting partner, on the other hand, is the real organization asset who add value to your business by generating leads and retaining customers.


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