How to reduce the cost of mobile software development: 10 actionable tips


Software development is very complex and it always comes with its fair share of challenges. That’s why it’s important to understand the ins and outs of this process, along with the different ways to lower costs. There are a variety of ways to do that, regardless of the platform being mobile or desktop. Here are some tips to consider.

Focus on usability

One of the things software companies do wrong is they focus on adding in things for visual impact. You want to focus on functionality and great features, not on visuals that add no value to the experience.

Use existing templates and tools

You can lower mobile software development costs by relying on existing, semi-custom tools. The idea here is to save time during development, as that will also help you save money. It’s always helpful to have a way to shave some costs, and using existing features can do that.

Launch only with essential features

If you want to speed things up but also not lower quality, launching with essential features is a great idea. You can focus on them, still deliver great value, and then you can add new features down the line.

Hire a team with proven results

Having someone like SvitlaSystems with a proven track record can help quite a lot. You want a team of experts that know what they are doing, because costly mistakes will end up increasing mobile software development costs. 

Use the Lean approach

Lean development is great because you check, test and then validate. That helps speed up the process, and you can still obtain a very good result. Plus, you can opt for a more flexible approach, and the value can be extremely impressive.

Go for a fixed price contract

Sometimes you are inclined to have a flexible contract, but if you want to reduce costs or keep them at a certain rate, a fixed price contract is good. You will be limited, true, but that also means you’re not going over the budget too much.

Start implementing DevOps

It’s a great idea to implement DevOps because it allows you to work with modules. You can slowly add new modules which means you will only have properly working modules ready to go. That will also solve the problems that appear at times when you are updating. So it’s totally worth it to go down that route.

Use Agile development practices

Agile development is very helpful because you can focus on flexibility and still optimize things based on how development works. It always helps to have this type of approach, and the value that you receive is second to none. Just avoid any rush and the outcome can be extremely good.

Shop around for great deals

There are a variety of mobile software development companies out there. You should always check for the companies and assess their reputation. Plus, if you have a more complex project, you should consider negotiating as well.

Always offer clear requirements

If you want to avoid extra costs and a lot of headache, make sure that you provide clear instructions. Sharing the right instructions is not only very important, it will also give you the insight and help you need. 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to lower mobile software development. Make sure that you always work with a reputable company and provide them the insight and guidelines they need. Also, you do want to implement Agile, DevOps and other development practices too, as they can help keep costs affordable in the long run!


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