How to Make a Date Really Unforgettable

Date Really Unforgettable

How to turn a romantic date in Atlanta into an unforgettable experience? There are 8 rules for you to follow.

So, you are on a roll, buddy – your crush has asked you out on a date. And such thoughts as “how do you make this long-awaited date successful?”, “how do you overcome awkwardness?”, “how do you make a good impression?” starts to bother your mind. Here are 8 simple Dating in Atlanta rules to help make romantic get-togethers date really unforgettable.

Think over the date of the date

You should not immediately run on a date on the second day of acquaintance. Give yourself time to focus on the meeting and get yourself together. Cancel or do all the things in advance. Give careful thought to your appearance and outfit. Then nothing will distract you from the conversation and a pleasant pastime. The optimal time for the next meeting is within 5 days after the previous meeting or acquaintance.

Choose a cozy date venue

It is important that the restaurant isn’t too posh. Dress code and etiquette will only weigh down your heart. Your date is not supposed to be in a very formal place. Choose something with a cozy and friendly vibe. Then the atmosphere will be more relaxed and the feeling of awkwardness and embarrassment will disappear earlier.

  • State the purpose of the date correctly

All Atlanta women seeking men know that the purpose of dating is just to get to know the person better. Don’t play, don’t hide your interest. At the same time, don’t throw yourself at your companion. It can scare off the person.

Think about what to wear

Of course, the outfit will depend on the place where you go. Shoes should be comfortable and, of course, clean. Don’t put on all the accessories you have. After all, you are going on a date, not a ball. It’s cool if you style your hair – you will look neat. Add a romantic fragrance.

Stick to non-controversial topics

Without knowing the person, you can touch upon topics that are painful for them. Try to keep the conversation simple and pleasant. Do not focus on points that are important to you. Don’t immediately judge your partner’s position. This is just the first date. Perhaps you are both trying to artistically lie, trying to please each other. And, of course, smile more.

Fresh breath

It’s such an obvious and, at the same time, very important rule while dating in Atlanta: Take care of good breath. In general, consider small hygiene products: napkins, chapstick, gum. Neatness is not immediately noticeable, but its absence can be a decisive factor.

Don’t insult exes

Leave the past in the past. You have just met a new person in your life. Give this person the opportunity to write a completely new story together with you. Plus, such insults speak about your personality more than about your ex’s.


Don’t be late. A person doesn’t need your multiple senseless “sorry” – for them. It’s a waste of time they will never get back. In case of force majeure, be sure to notify a person by phone. That’s what all Atlanta women seeking men should remember.

Perhaps the most difficult situation is when you come home after a date and take stock of everything that happened during the evening. Rate how you liked it, what was good and what was bad. But anyway, send your companion a message and thank him/her for a good time. If both of you are interested in continuing, this is the beginning of your story. If not, politely say goodbye.

In general, be casual to make your date really unforgettable. Don’t try to be better than you are. Be humble and natural – it always captivates and makes a good impression.


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