How to Make a Car Website Quickly And Easily

Care of Your Car

A car designing website can become an effective tool for business development. If you make a car website, not for show, but correctly layout and fill it with content. It is not necessary to hire a team of professional developers and designers for this. All the necessary tools are in popular website builders, and we will now tell you how to use them to make a car website.

A commercial vehicle manufacturer’s automotive websites is a special genre (each industry has its own laws and tricks). It differs from lightweight Internet pages that immediately come to mind, first of all, in the positioning of key messages. Both in text and in visual performance. Car manufacturers (especially in the premium segment) appeal mainly to the emotional aspects of buying a car. They develop themes of prestige, status, personal comfort, and so on. Speaking about commercial transport, it is necessary to touch rather the efficiency and return on investment.

The second important difference is also tied to consumer needs, but concerns the placement of accents. Logically, on the websites of bus and truck manufacturers, much more attention is paid not to visual advantages or image advantages. But to technical characteristics, dimensions: body volume, carrying capacity, capacity, base length.

Car service site structure

Before you start building the best automotive websites, take a look at the competitors’ pages. You will surely highlight common positive and negative points on them, because everyone is to some extent copying each other. There is nothing wrong with that: the main thing is to take working solutions from competitors, and ignore those that are useless. So that this does not seem like the most commonplace advice in the world, let’s see which decisions usually turn out to be correct.

A car service website must have at least four sections:

The main page of automotive websites. It contains the most important information, on the basis of which the visitor has a desire to contact you or continue acquaintance with the site.

Services – a minimum description, or at least the list should already be on the main page. For each service, you can create a separate page with detailed information.

Contacts – opening hours and communication methods should be in a prominent place. It’s great if they are pinned to the navigation menu and duplicated in the footer. A clear map that can be scaled is also beneficial.

About us – briefly and reasonably, why it is worth contacting you in car website design. Fewer empty sentences, more specifics (we work in 100 cities, we repair 20 cars every day, etc.).

It’s very cool if the car designing website has a blog that you constantly update. You can write about anything, but within the framework of the car service topic. If you are providing specific services, please tell us about them in detail. You can even explain how to repair a car yourself – and why you shouldn’t. If there are no resources for blogging, it is best not to create one. Limit yourself to publishing news about promotions and new services.

How to create a website to be useful for your business?

After reading all this information about what should be on the site, the question involuntarily arises – how much should be spent to implement effective automobile website design? So you can invest all the money in creating a website, and the main business will only suffer.

Whoever turns to the official page – a potential client or a potential investor, a journalist or an employee of a company, a future partner or an existing dealer, he should find everything he needs without much difficulty. Whether it’s contact information or the online catalog for accessories and spare parts. In the 21st century, a website is often the first and last place where a person turns to find contacts or clarify facts, find out any details. Therefore, the network information channel needs to be given no less attention than the organization of a call center, advertising, dealership design, company brochures or exhibition stands.


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