How to Keep Beer Cool at an Outdoor Party?


If you are planning an outdoor party where there will be plenty of fresh tasty beer, you should think ahead of time about how to keep the drink cold. You can’t take a regular fridge with you outside. 

Luckily, there is a solution, and this is the Jockey Box.

Best Ways to Keep Beer Cold at an Outdoor Party

Jockey Box is a small box, representing a portable draft beer system for places where there is no electricity. In other words, it is a portable cooling container.

Jockey Box is the best solution when you need to keep a certain temperature of beer outside, and here’s why:

  1. Easy to operate. You can easily move this box to where you need it.
  2. No need for electricity. Ordinary ice is used for cooling.
  3. Looks pretty presentable and modern.

To understand how this equipment works, let’s consider its main elements:

  • The box with the drain;
  • Shank;
  • Mixer with handle;
  • Beer line (two options are available: stainless steel coil and cold plate);
  • CO2 cylinder, regulator and cylinder connectors with beer line;
  • Tap (at least 1 pc.);
  • Air line;
  • Cooler coupling.

Ice is also required to operate the device.

The principle of operation of this equipment is as simple as possible. After you plug in all the elements of the system and load the ice into it, you just turn the tap and put the glass under a fresh cold beer.

Once you open the tap, the beer starts flowing out of the barrel through the beer line into the tap of your Jockey Box. The cooler is an ordinary ice that surrounds the coil. This element is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the beverage – it cools it during the dispensing process.

Among all manufacturers of such coolers we recommend paying attention to the products of the popular brewery brand Beverage Craft. On the website of this Canadian company you will find a great selection of Jockey Box of different shapes, sizes, with a different number of taps and coils.

Contact our Beverage Craft consultants to choose the right equipment for your tasks. Now you can easily organize an outdoor party where there will be plenty of cold beer!


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