How to increase Testosterone Level with 5 Food Sources

increase Testosterone Level

Are you facing a low Testosterone problem? You are not the only one who encounters these medical issues. Several men have this problem sometime in their life.

Today, I will tell you how you can increase testosterone level with food.

However, before I provide details of all these foods, you should know what the Testosterone is and why you need them in your body.

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What is Testosterone?

It is a male sex hormone which is a primary hormone for men, but females also have a small amount of it in their bod. This is produced in men’s testicles. This hormone is the main drivers of all physical changes in men during puberty phase. The main factors which get affected by this hormone are the deeper voice, hair growth, and body muscles, bone health, sperm production. So, Testosterone affects more than sex drive in men.

When men age, they lose some amount of Testosterone or when they suffer from chronic illness. There is much medical treatment which is used to treat Low Testosterone or Low T in men. It is essential to maintain a healthy testosterone level throughout adulthood and even in old age. The balance level of the hormone is necessary for sexual health, bone, and muscle growth.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, but females also have small amounts of it. According to research, the testosterone level has a secure connection with mental health.

If a body produces the right amount of T, then it will work as an antidepressant.  Another research suggests that low T is also a reason for obesity.

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How to Boost up Testosterone with Food

Men with low T often require medical treatments which can be continued with a nutrient dense diet. In other words, you can increase testosterone serum level in the body if you consume good, which are rich with Vitamin D and Zinc. These two ingredients are regarded as the best food for T. now. I want to share details of 5 Foods you can add into your diet and then increase testosterone level in your body.


You can eat canned or fresh Tuna one or twice a week. This food is rich with Vitamin D-which not only boost up testosterone production but also become a reason for longer life.

Tuna is the first choice of fish, but you can also consume other fresh fish like Salmon or Sardines. You don’t have to overdo Vitamin D by intaking the fish every day. Add it in your mean twice or thrice times a week.



This food has been used in many home-made remedies.

According to 2012 research, a group of 75 adult male participants consumed a daily ginger supplement for three months, and it boosted up testosterone level by 17.7 percent. This group contained male with fertility issues. This study also cleared that men who consumed ginger in routine found some sperm improvements.

Another report of 2013 made it clear that ginger consumption boosted up Testosterone and antioxidant levels in a diabetic rat model in a month.

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Low Fat Milk With Vitamin D

Men with Low T have to work on his healthy diet and lifestyle. Milk is a source of protein and calcium; people who have weak bones such as children and women are always encouraged to drink more milk in routine. Men typically consume milk-shakes for keeping their bone health.  If you drink low-fat milk with vitamin D, then it will have a positive impact on the T level.

People who have low Vitamin D might have low T. It is suggested to take direct sunlight and increase your body’s vitamin D level. However, it is not possible to spend enough time outdoors in the summer. So, how to get this vitamin? The simplest way is to drink plant kinds of milk which are made from soy, almonds, hemp,  and flax.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy Green Vegetables

If you start working on a healthy lifestyle, the first thing which comes into your mind is green leafy vegetables. Eating a salad with every meal is a good idea.

However, it would help if you focused on leafy vegetables such as spinach, Swiss Chard, Kale as they are rich in magnesium. Men who have low Testosterone can boost up it through magnesium.

According to a 2011 Study, a group consists of sedentary participants and athletes. The consume magnesium supplements for four weeks. The active participants found an increase in T level.

You can eat beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and whole grains as they are also excellent dietary sources of magnesium.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered suitable for increasing testosterone level in the body. This oil is used to drop down the risk of many heart disease and cancer.

According to a Study, oil can increase the testosterone level in healthy adult men.

It is also described that participates also notice a boost in the luteinizing hormone which stimulates cells in testes that in turn, increase testosterone production in the body.

Wrap Up

I have shared details of six foods which can increase testosterone level in the body, and men can see a change in their overall health not just in hormones. Other foods which they consume for increasing T level of bod are onion, oysters, shellfish, and beef.

There is particular food which men have to avoid as well; they include processed food, plastic-package food, and alcohol. A healthy lifestyle change can bring positive changes in health after some time.


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