How to increase swim speed

increase swim speed

Swimming is one of the top best sports in the world. From indoor swimming pools at home to the Olympian pools, that swimmers all across the globe always tend to increase their swimming speed because the only thing is going to help you win the race and have the upper hand over your opponents.  

On average a swimmer can swim up to 100 meters in 2 minutes. If you are slower than that, then you most probably should work on your swimming speed. Every minute that you spend training in the pool matters so make every second count and try to work on your techniques, listen to your trainer, and in time you will catch up with the average rate, or you might even do better than that. It all depends on your training. 

There are several tips that can help you increase your swimming speed. We are going to discuss the most important ones to so make sure to read through them and practice them during your swimming sessions to increase your speed. 

  1.   Reducing the drag

One of the things that you need to understand is that when you move in the water, the water pushes you back. This is known as the drag force. To reduce the drag, you need to be in the most streamlined position possible. Try to small taller and maintain your balance in water to move against the water easily. 

  1.   Work on your kicks

Even as kids, the first thing that most young swimmers learn with pool floats is the kicks. Your kicks play a major role in pushing your body forward in the water. If you practice your drills and kicks right in the water, you can maintain your balance and increase the propulsion force to move faster in water. 

  1.   Secrets of a good propulsion

People believe that the arms and the legs equally contribute to the propulsion force, but that is not the case. Your kicks only produce 10% of the force, whereas the rest 90% depends on the motion of your arms. So practice your strokes, the strength and the speed that you put in them because they will help you swim better and faster. 

  1.   Balance is everything

It is very important to balance your body properly in water so that it can easily move through it. The skill is to keep your body as parallel to the surface as you can as it will help you move through water much easily because it will reduce drag and increase your speed. 

  1.   Slightly spread your fingers

Most swimmers don’t know about this but spreading your fingers while carrying out the motion of your arms can help you create a water web in between your fingers, which can increase the propulsion force. The more the propulsion force, the faster you will be able to move through the water. 

So try out these amazing swimming techniques, and they will most definitely help you swim better and faster. 


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