Kissing Bugs: 5 Natural Ways to How To Get Rid Of Kissing Bugs?

kissing bug


Kissing bugs can appear anywhere in your house such as mattress, pillows, carpets, windows, doors and especially in corners and edges. They are blood-feeding insects and their victims mainly are animals and human beings. Kissing bugs work during the night while you are sleeping that is difficult for you to recognize the time they bite you.

Commonly, the bites of kissing bugs are harmless but in some cases, it can lead to allergic or a disease called Chagas disease. Therefore, seeking for “How to get rid of kissing bugs?” is necessary to avoid those problems. We will provide you some useful tips and information in this article to answer this question.


What do you know about kissing bugs?

Before digging into How to get rid of kissing bugs, this article will provide you some basic information about kissing bugs and its bites. Let’s check it out!

The kissing bugs have black or brown wings with a ring of yellow, orange or red stripes on the edges. Its size is just about smaller than one inch or like the size of a penny. Like ticks and mosquitoes, kissing bugs also survive by sucking the blood of animals and human beings. They hide during the day and attack the victims at night.

The bites that kissing bugs cause may be redness, swelling and sometimes not hurt and you even do not recognize it. They can bite anywhere on your body such as head, face, arms, legs but especially around your mouth and eyes like its name “kissing” bugs.

The kissing bugs commonly can attack the warm-blooded animals such as cats, dogs, and other pets in the household. You can find their appearance in the kennels of your pets. They also can hide in some places of your house such as doors, window, the room corners, mattress, bed frames, drawers and so on.

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Are kissing bugs harmful?

You wonder How to get rid of kissing bugs quickly but you may not know exactly does it harmful to your health. In most of the cases, the bites of kissing bugs are harmless. Nonetheless, in the rest situations, it can lead to two main problems, which is:

  •         Allergic reactions

The saliva of a kissing bug can cause an allergic reaction with some certain people. It denotes by the redness, swelling and itching sensation in the skin near the kissing bug bites. In some severe cases, it even can lead to anaphylactic shock when your blood pressure is fallen down suddenly and you feel difficult to breathe. If somebody gets these symptoms after being bitten, they have to be treated immediately.

  •        Chagas disease

It comes from a parasite named Trypanosoma cruzi which is presented in the feces of kissing bugs. An infected kissing bug defecates after feeding and leave this parasite on your skin. After that, if you have any rashes, cut or scratch nearby, it can enter your body and cause Chagas disease.

There are two phases of this disease. In the acute phase, the symptoms are mild or even do not appear. However, it normally includes swelling at the bite site, fatigue, fever, body aches, rash, headache, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and so on. It also can advance to chronic symptoms such as irregular heartbeat, sudden cardiac arrest, difficult to swallowing, abdominal pain, congestive heart failure.

Although these problems are rare but finding the way to get rid of kissing bugs still is a necessary thing.


How to get rid of kissing bugs?

Here are some useful recommendations for you if you are wondering How to get rid of kissing bugs quickly.

  1.     Using Insecticides

One of the best ways for you, if you are finding out How to get rid of kissing bugs, is insecticides. Insecticides can eliminate kissing bugs effectively and quickly even when they hide in some places that you may not reach in your home.

Kissing bugs always hide on the window, the doorframes, the floorings and especially in edges and room corners. In addition, pet houses also should be sprayed with insecticides to avoid the attack of kissing bugs during the night and also control cockroaches and pests. Some insecticides such as bifenthrin or permethrin which are recommended for getting rid of kissing bugs.

  1.     Daily routines

One of the most important things in How to get rid of kissing bugs is the daily cleaning routine. Checking the presence of the kissing bugs and clean your house daily can help you eliminate and prevent pest, rodent or any insects effectively. You should pay attention to hygiene some places that the kissing bugs always hide such as pillows, carpets, mattresses, floors, bed frames, drawers, and other furniture items in your house.

Removing the breeding and hiding of kissing bugs means you reduced the risk of its attack at night. In addition, you should screen the windows and the doors to repair the cracks, the holes or tears to eliminate their hideouts.

  1.     Pet hygiene

Another source that can contain kissing bugs is the pets such as dogs or cats. If you have pets and you want to get rid of kissing bugs, sufficient hygiene for them is necessary. A pet is likely to get infected but it may be asymptomatic.

Keep the kennels of your pets be hygiene by clean it regularly to limit the appearance of kissing bugs. You also can fumigate the pet houses to avoid facilitating an environment for this insect. Therefore, it can prevent the risk of kissing bugs attack you effectively.

  1.     Sleeping habits

One more way for you to know How to get rid of kissing bugs is changing your sleeping habit. Kissing bugs often attack human being during the night when you are sleeping. For this reason, you should keep in mind that shut all the door before going to bed to avoid the appearance of kissing bugs in your home come from outside. Therefore, the risk of biting by kissing bugs and also the risk of getting Chagas disease will reduce substantially.


After reading this article, hope you found out some helpful information about “How to get rid of kissing bugs?”. You may not eliminate totally kissing bugs out of your house but if you apply correctly those ways above, you can completely reduce the risk of attack from kissing bugs substantially.


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