How To Get A Residential Building Permit In The USA?

How To Get A Residential Building Permit In The USA?

It hardly matters if you’re building residential, commercial, or industrial housing; you need a building permit from your local government. Without a building permit, you cannot start the construction work. In this article, you’ll learn how to obtain a residential permit easily.

There are no set fees for your building permit. Building permit fees vary according to the value of your project. Learn more about the estimated price of your building permit cost. The time for getting a permit varies on the value of your project. You can get the permit for a small house in approx. 2 weeks, while you have to wait for more than a couple of months to get the permit for a big residential complex.

Steps To Obtain A Residential Permit

  1. Compile Information Of Your Project: To get a residential permit, you first have to gather all the information about your project. You have to write down explaining all the things that will be present in your residential project. If you want to have a big garage or a swimming pool, you have to mention that. It’s better to research the codes and rules of building residential property in your neighborhood. You have to understand that there are some limits, restrictions, and basic requirements for making a residential building.
  2. Submit An Application: You have to submit an application to your local government using their website. Fill in all the needed details and describe your project plans. Local government uses various kinds of local government software to work effortlessly and boost productivity. Upload all the details of your project site plan and a complete legal description mentioning that you’ve followed the codes and you want to build a project without violating the codes and rules of the government.

After you’ve applied to your project, you’ll receive an email after your application has been added to the site visit list on your local government’s website. After your application has been added to the list, you must pay a portion of your permit fees before getting it.

  1. Get Permit: Your local government will notify you when you’ll receive the permit for your project. You must pay the rest of the application fees to receive the permit. After you receive the permit, print it and have it displayed on your construction site for the permit inspector to check. Place your permit in a visible area on your site. You have to apply for additional permits if your project plan has some other departments. You should know that a permit is only valid for 18 months. If your project hasn’t ended in the meantime, you have to renew the permit to work further on your project.

Schedule An Inspection: After doing all the above-mentioned steps, schedule an inspection from your local government’s site inspector. After they arrive and inspect the project and all of its detail, you are free to work on your project. If they think there’s any issue with your project, they can cancel your permit, and you have to apply again. That’s why it’s highly suggested that you follow all the codes and rules for planning your project.


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