How To Do Local SEO For Your Global Customers?

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Most companies fail to consider local SEO, it’s a major reason why they couldn’t make it in a foreign marketplace. Localization can significantly help companies to increase their global customer base and enhance their profit ratios. Doing local SEO will get you more valuable visitors to your websites, who will eventually convert into customers.

So, if you are thinking about targeting a foreign country, then you better not overlook local SEO. It will help you be more competitive without spending too much money and effort. Here are a few tips that you need to consider while doing SEO for international markets.

Best Tips for Local SEO 

Here are some local SEO tips that you must keep in mind to effectively go about your global SEO journey.

Get Your Message Right 

It all starts with detailed and comprehensive research about your target customers. Unless you don’t know about your target audience, you will never be able to make any progress in a foreign marketplace. So, to deliver the right message to your target customers, you first need to get all the right information and data.

For instance, there is general research that says that 60% of non-English speakers would not buy from English-only platforms. Customers like to buy stuff that is made specifically for them, where they can get a sense of belonging. In the case of English-only brands, non-native customers are unable to get that resonance which makes them feel hesitant to buy from such brands. So, you must get your data, facts, and other stats right to target a foreign market more effectively. It will allow you to make informed localization decisions and keep your local SEO fully optimized.

Focus On User Experience 

In the end, everything boils down to your overall user experience. No matter how making your brand is and how much investment you have made in marketing, if you have not focused enough on the user experience, nobody is going to buy from you. When your website is localized and responsive, it will automatically enhance the user experience and make visitors stay longer on your website. It reduces the bounce rate, and eventually, your online visibility increases for that particular region. Use a professional localization platform to manage all your website localization operations from one place only.

To enhance the user experience, you have to make sure that all elements of your website are localized based on the local intricacies and nuances of the target region.

Never Ignore Local Rules 

Make sure you fully understand all legal regulations in the market that you want to target. Otherwise, you may have to pay legal penalties for breaching the legal boundaries. And in some cases, the government may take strict actions against you and permanently ban you from operating in that country. So, even when doing SEO, you should know about the cultural sensitivities and legal policies of your targeted marketplaces. For instance, both US and UK people speak the English language, yet there is quite a difference in their vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation. If you are moving to the UK market from the US, you have to adapt your content to UK English to make it localized for local customers. Doing this would enhance your user experience, reduce the bounce rate and make your visitors stay longer on your websites.

Optimizing On-Page Landing Page Localization 

Keyword research is the most significant part of your local search engine optimization. Considering the fact that search engines work differently for different regions, you have to do separate keyword research for every region. For this part, you may need expert local SEO advice so that you will be investing in the right keywords and enhancing your local search rankings. You can also use a professional localization platform or a localization project management platform for this purpose.

There are many ways you can search for local keywords for different regions. For instance, you can evaluate the keywords that your competitors are targeting and how it is working in their favor. You can also hire a dedicated local SEO team for every region; it will allow you to be more noticeable online.

Gain Customers Trusts

Last but not least, gaining your customer’s trust is what every global company is aiming for. There are multiple factors you can focus on to promote trust in your target customers. Translating the content into local languages, adding more cultural references to your content, and localizing the website formatting is one of the key ways to encourage more trust in your customers. Moreover, it is also important for you to keep your brand voice unchanged for every target market. Inconsistency can lead to doubts and your customers may feel hesitant buying your products and services. So, to build your trust in customers you have to focus on details and work towards the right brand representation. 


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