How to clean granite countertops with natural products

how to clean granite countertops

Finding out how to clean granite countertops is among the most significant troubles homeowners face after renovating their kitchens. Granite countertops continue to be vulnerable to scratches, stains, and cracks while springy. Standard maintenance now can help sustain functioning and the beauty of your countertops for the longterm. If you need help affording these kinds of home repairs or renovations, see if a title loan could help you get the money you need.

You might well be not sure of the way to clean and take care of the floor of the stone, although granite countertops have turned into a favorite option for many homeowners. As the surface is demanding, it is susceptible to stains, if you do not use a suitable cleanser.

You’ll likely accidentally get rid of the seal. Consistently clean up spills immediately, then use one or an exceptional granite cleaner you create yourself to wipe upward and then liquefy the counters. Apply a fresh varnish to safeguard your shelves In case your seal has worn, which tends to take the following years.

Are you wondering just how exactly to deep clean granite countertops in your property? We asked cleaning pros to clean granite kitchen countertops. Browse what the advantages have to mention concerning what to wash granite counters with and how to remove stains safely before you grab anything’s under the sink and get started scrubbing and spraying. 

With an everyday cleansing program, along with also the perfect products, your granite countertops will soon always be shiny and shut for a long time to come. Hence, in this article, we are going to look at how to clean granite countertops with natural products. Let’s start: 

Natural and Home-made Granite Cleaner

You are going to be relieved to know that recipes are uncomplicated and necessary if the notion of creating your home-made granite cleaner leaves one cringe. There exists a higher likelihood you have what you need to whip your recipe up. 

You can customize the recipe to meet your requirements, including adding in several drops of oil that is essential for the much more pleasing odor or adding more or less liquor.

It is possible to exit them out whenever desirable Even though many recipes propose incorporating in essential oils. No matter which method you employ, you’re want to get a relatively large (12 to 16 oz ) spray jar designed for straightforward application.

Creating Granite Cleaner at Home


– 1/4 cup alcoholic drinks — rubbing or cheap vodka

– Three drops of Castile or dish soap

– h2o

– Ten drops of petrol

– By massaging the alcohol-based drinks into the spray bottle, followed by the dish soap start. 

– Include a few drops of essential oil

– Fill the rest of the bottle up with plain water.


– 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol

– Two glasses of plain water

– Six drops Morning dish soap

– 3-4 drops scented oil (discretionary )


– Focus on the addition of the alcohol initially, followed with the water along with side dish soap.

– Subsequently, add in lots of drops of eucalyptus oil at the event that you should be using it. You may need to devote a bit, not or more, based on personal taste.

– Once every one of the elements is out of the jar, just shake the jar aggressively to combine them, and also, you’re ready to scrub!

Spray the mixture afterward with an ideal combination of substances then wash off the area clean using a cloth. Plenty of house owners prefer microfiber because of its absorption, although many sorts of materials are somewhat decent. 

In the event, the outer lining has been carrying quite a while, and it straightened using a substance to speed the approach up. You may even make use of a sponge.

Although these substances perform the work for cleaning and cleaning your granite countertops may take more extended care to make them truly shine. Isopropyl alcohol response and drinking tap water may be a superb solution for Shi Ning and disinfecting.

A great solution comprises water and also part of isopropyl alcohol. Combine and squirt on them onto the granite allow it to sit for a couple of to five minutes. Wipe the region warm and dry it with a microfiber material.

Cleaning Surfaces

Now that you’ve established your clean-up answer, you are wondering whether it is going to concentrate on different surfaces around your home. It’s a safe guess to use on several surfaces and appliances because granite countertops are soft and effectively clean dirt and grime in most options up. They protected for marble and stone that does not work nicely with components.

The Most Effective Methods to Properly Clean Your Countertops

Choosing the perfect harmony of substances for your granite counter cleaner that will be pure is only half the battle. The critical portion of counter care that’s effective is focusing on how to wash granite counters. 

The idea of cleansing your granite countertops might appear a bit frightening that you have never done it. Section of the approach includes understanding products and providers and that the substances to stop. It’s also to use sponges and cleaners to maintain from scratching or searing surface.

Without hurting these to successfully wash your granite counter countertops, it is Better to Avoid Away from the following:

  • home cleansers — ordinary household cleaners and equivalent stuff such as bleach, degreasers, and glass cleaners frequently feature severe substances including acids and compounds. With time, these materials trigger allergen, which causes your countertops much considerably a lot more vulnerable to staining and will expel the surface.
  • Bathroom cleaners — Many tiles or toilet cleansers have abrasive compounds which may dull and scratch the granite surfaces.
  • Storing liquids ontop — Various towels and substances, including cooking oils, nail products, ointments, and creams, may blot your granite face even if the lid is nevertheless on and also additionally the merchandise has been kept onto the countertop for a long moment.
  • several top techniques

You’ll find several top techniques for cleaning granite countertops and maintaining their shine and glow, Right after thinking the services and products are damaging to the outside of one’s countertops. 

Care is crucial. Spills can mar the surface resulting in stains that are dark or dull. It’s ideal for cleaning spills up with hot water and mild dish soap.

Scrub some piece using a sterile fabric to reduce unsightly drinking-water streaks. Based upon the amount of dirtiness as well as the complete counter state, you might need to replicate the practice. Keeping up with many every day, weekly, and month-to-month clean-up regimens may increase the overall look of one’s countertop and expand its lifetime.

In the conclusion of daily (or earlier, in case a countertop ( incredibly messy), catch a sponge or dishcloth plus some sexy H20. Utilize your favorite home-made laminate cleaner to spray some pieces which look dirty down, then wipe out the manner using a material.

Not only can this keep your countertops pristine condition. However, still, it will help you to moisturize and shield them. For adequate day-to-day cleaning, clear the counter area, therefore, that you may reach even those tighter spots off. 

Spray the granite cleaner round the large surface and then blended the borders, wherever dirt and itches tend to get within time. Besides, this is quite a great moment to wash debris and also the dust which is collected in different portions, these as containers and even the home equipment.

Several Other Methods to Keep on to Continue to Keep your countertops include:

  • Coasters — Coasters steer clear of glasses, eyeglasses, and other objects from scratching your granite countertop counter. It won’t cause problems to supply your prized bar an additional coating of security even though granite is more resistant to etching and dents.
  • Chopping planks — Granite is more durable enough to handle cutting cutting-edge and preparing food on its surface. But, slicing boards can prevent scratches and scuffs very similar to coasters. By using cutting boards retains your knife blades sharp and exact, once utilized entirely on granite counters since they might become tedious.
  • Alluring Goat — Granite is also advertised to be heat-resistant, and for the large part, it works well to raised temperatures. Even though it’s infrequent, granite is also known to chip or crack occasion, particularly if utensils or plates are placed on its floor. The second the right time you prefer to set an object that’s popular down. Don’t forget to slip a mat beneath.

Your countertops appearing very high are retained by Implementing excellent cleaning techniques and products, but even the many can not avert harm that does occur because of improper sealing.

Irrespective of what some experts may indicate, it’s maybe not always essential to procure granite countertops at every year’s conclusion. 

The stone’s absorption rate, and the form and also high quality of any granite countertop you have previously utilized, plays a significant role in figuring out how many times you should enhance your countertop.

Other factors include things like how well the sealer had been executed and should cleaning products, or cleansers have shattered the chimney. The solution is to look after signs of liquid absorption. One hint of the surface will soon be a look across the sink, which means that the water is slowly leaking to the countertop.

Look at making use of a product that could shield the outside for a long time to come, even if it is the right moment and energy for you to reseal. Some of these less expensive products can wear necessitating frequent replacement. 

With decreasing a little normal tap water, whether your granite has been sealed that you never understand, start. The drinking water may dye, and so the top is sealed. Also, it is going to trickle and also signal that you have a brand-new varnish.


Granite Countertops are pretty hard to clean. You have to be a near expert to do it correctly. For this matter, you need to know how to do it correctly. 

In this aspect, this guide can be of great help to you as it explains how to clean granite countertops with natural products. You can follow the guideline and know them for your help. 


Is Morning dish soap safe for granite?

Engineered soap will not permanently damage your granite. However, repeated utilization of sterile water will result in a buildup (sure, even in the event you rinse) and boring the countertop’s shine. So, regularly using dish soap for clean-up granite countertops isn’t advocated

Would you employ baking soda to wash granite countertops?

Try generating a baking soda solution to T-AKE care of rough stains on your granite. In case the blot is water established, use a blend of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. If a blemish is an oil found, utilize that a mix of baking soda and warm water to form a glue. Pass on your paste over the stained area and let sit for several hours

How would you wash granite countertops?

Hot water and dish soap need to be adequate for daily sanitizing. When there is your more potent disinfectant required, blend of warm water along with isopropyl alcohol that is 91%. Spray on the granite, allow to sit for three to five minutes, and then rinse with water and wash with a clean microfiber fabric

Which cleaners are safe for your granite?

1st, remove the counter surface with warm, warm water and rinse thoroughly. It is possible to also use a 50:50 solution of isopropyl alcohol and drinking water. Don’t utilize vinegar, Windex, or bleach granite. 


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