How to Clean and Maintain a Leather Top Hat?


If you are a hat enthusiast, you sure already own a leather hat! And if you are someone who loves to add different hats to your collection, you will undoubtedly have the famous leather top hat. It is one of the most treasured hats that you can have. However, if you want to be a proud owner of this hat, you should also maintain and clean it well. That will add more years to your top hat. 

Using leather hat conditioners

Today, the online hat makers suggest you hat conditioners and creams to maintain your top hat. By using it, you can:

  • Add more years to your hat as it keeps the leather supple and soft
  • Ensure that the hat’s waterproof qualities are maintained
  • Secure the hat from sweat stains 

Do you want to know how to use this cream? If yes, you can take help from the following steps:

  • Take a soft, lint-free piece of cloth, add the leather conditioning cream and then rub it on the hat’s outside and crown. 
  • If you want, you can rub a bit of the cream beneath the top hat brim. Is your hat in a light shade? If yes, then the color might get darken a bit with the cream. 
  • Ensure to leave the cream for some time and take a clean piece of cloth for buffing the leather top hat. You can also remove any extra cream from your hat.

It is always best to condition the hat every three months after wearing the top hat outside. 

Necessary cleaning and maintenance tips

The ideal way to care for your leather top hat is to treat it much before you sport it. Ensure to ask the hat maker about the leather finish and also check whether the hat underwent a leather security application process. You can always depend on the best online hatmakers for purchasing high-quality hats. 

On the other hand, if you got your leather hat from a second-hand hat maker and it’s less costly, it’s an excellent decision to purchase leather protector products in spray formulas and liquid. It helps to repel water, and it averts stains on the leather surface. Generally, you must reapply the protector in a year or eight months. And if your leather hat gets exposed to harsh environments, you might have to reapply it frequently. 

Do you want to avert any kind of damage to your leather top hat? If yes, you need to keep a few pointers in mind:

  • You shouldn’t use perfumes, colognes, and hairsprays on the leather hats. Some use these substitutes instead of the leather protector spray. If you use scents, then the alcohol in the products gets dry and creates leather stains. In case you are using it, make sure it dries before the use. 
  • Don’t place any pins, tapes or badges on the leather hat as it will affect the finish. You might feel that it can make your hat appear embellished. But the truth is it will affect the quality and maximize the wear and tear. 

Several stick-on labels are available, like the woven labels, PVC patches, custom leather, embroidered items, and printed labels. Rather than purchasing these, you can buy a patched hat from a well-known seller. 

  • Do you want a stylish leather top hat for women? And for that, are you thinking of adding emblems and embroidery items? If yes, it’s always best to get professional assistance. If there is any incorrect stitching, it can lead to holes that you might not mend later. The expert professionals will have all the essential tools for attaching the items correctly. 
  • When you tanned leather, the top hat looks slightly faded, you can apply a conditioner or leather dressing.
  • It is always a smart call to avert saddle soaps and harsh cleaners that aren’t correct for the leather material. 
  • If your top hat gets dirty and you need to wash it, ensure to condition it when it dries. 
  • If your leather top hat gets wet in the rain, you can wipe it with a soft, white cloth. You can also turn the inner sweatband down and allow it to dry off naturally. Make sure your hat is not exposed to high heat or direct sunlight. You can get it dry in a hat form so that there is no shrinkage or misshaping. If it gets scorched, you can use the conditioner so that the leather becomes soft and supple. 

If you have a plethora of exotic leather hats, including the leather top hat, you need to take good care of it all. You should follow correct drying, brushing, and waterproofing processes to ensure that your hats last you for a lifetime. When you follow these techniques mentioned above, you can ensure that your hat stays clean and in good form for a long time. 


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