How Protein Diet Effect on Weight Loss?

What are the Short term and long term effects of taking high protein diet?

How Protein Diet Effect on Weight Loss

Protein is a highlighted nutrient in our diet that also necessary for health. As you know, protein plays significant roles in body functions such as Hormones, enzymes, maintenance, and cell repair.

Moreover, it must be consumed in every day’s meals so that our requirement of protein could be fulfilled.

Here I’m going to discuss how protein diet can help in your weight loss plan, So let’s start it. High protein diet provides more protein content fewer carbohydrates that help to decrease hunger, boost up metabolism, increase satiety, and preserve lean muscle mass.

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According to recent research, a high protein diet recommends 20 percent protein of your total calories. So that’s means if you take fewer calories from carbs or fats, then you can balance your calories that help in weight loss.

Why Protein Important In Our Meal?

First, I want to tell you why the protein diet is important.

As you know, our diet contains three main components: protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

as I said above, protein performs many body functions such as.

1. Protein is present in our muscles, bones, skins, and hair. So protein replaces and repairs with new protein cells.

2. For a healthy body, hormones must be in balance; therefore, protein is the chemical messenger in your body that communicate with each other and balance these hormones.

3. In our body, Many chemical reactions are working their work, and in these reactions, enzymes are involved and exciting is that these enzymes are called proteins.

4. Proteins molecules also deliver essential nutrients and fluid from one place to another, such as our blood cells are hemoglobin that is a protein and carries the oxygen in all our body cells.

Protein is the amino acids that are smaller units and found in our body. There are 22 amino acids from which 9 are essentials and other non-essential. The significant difference in the category is that essential consume through food body can’t produce or make them. However, non-essential are those that body produces we can’t get from essential sources.

Sources of High Protein Diet

Generally, animal sources consider the protein sources because they contain all essential amino acids in an optimum amount such as meat, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, yogurt.

Well people consider that Vegetable sources couldn’t be used as a protein source, but that’s wrong. It is right vegetables have not enough amounts of every essential amino acids, but if you take with the combination of plant sources, then there is a complete protein that you take in the replacement of animal products. In plant-based high protein sources Beans, Legumes, Grains, nuts, soy, cereals, etc.

Our Dietary Reference Intake for protein is 0.36 gram per body weight or 0.8 grams/kg. I’ll recommend for weight loss must concern the dietician who managed your calories according to your body requirements that will be helpful to reduce the weight.

How Protein Diet leads to Weight Reduction

how to loss weight

I want to clear one thing, it’s not a magic that you’ll eat a protein diet, and your weight will lose. It is several mechanisms in which hormones are involved.

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Your weight regulated by your brain and a specific area involved that called hypothalamus. That part of the brain determines how and when to eat. Here I am providing information from different sources.

There are essential signals that send to brains and then the response to feeding, these signals called hormones.

In some other sources, this mechanism is described, high protein intake increases the level of satiety in which some hormones ( GLP-1, cholecystokinin, peptide YY) involved. And these reduce the hormone level “Ghrelin” which are responsible for the hunger.

Well, just protein can’t be helpful in weight reduction. Therefore if you replace carbs and fats according to calories, then hunger hormone will reduce, and many satiety hormones will boost up that reduce appetite. So there is a proper mechanism involved in the reduction in hunger and the main reason to lose weight.

What the Side Effects of High Protein Diet?.

As I mentioned above, how much protein is essential for our body, but that’s not mean we ignored all other nutrients for reducing the weight. Researches say the role of the high protein diet for weight loss must be short term because there could be long term effects of high protein diet.

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Some research papers say that taking long term use of high protein leads to the worst health conditions in which major is acids loads for the Kidneys. There is also due to long term taking fewer carbohydrates in the diet. Due to insufficient carbs, the risk of malnutrition is increased.

Well more researches are on the way, we ‘ll update you soon. I hope this article is beneficial and informative for you, must read it and convey us of your views.


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