How Much Does Furniture Storage Cost in Melbourne?


With increased population and dynamic lifestyles, people of Melbourne are changing homes, moving from one city to another, all this requires additional storage space for furniture. Whether you’re downsizing, renovating, or temporarily relocating, knowing the cost of storing your furniture in Melbourne can be a lifesaver.

The Cost Of Furniture Storage in Melbourne

The market of Storage in Melbourne offers a range of prices for mobile storage units. These units have become a popular choice for many Melbournians due to the convenience they provide. You can pack your furniture into these portable units, which are then transported to a secure storage facility until you need them back.

To give you a clear picture:

6ft Mobile Storage Units: Starting from $22.95 per week, these pod storages are perfect for those who are looking to store a modest amount of furniture – perhaps from a single room or a small apartment. Given their size, they’re particularly suited for smaller items such as chairs, small tables, and boxes of personal belongings.

8ft Mobile Storage Units: At a starting rate of $32.95 per week, the 8ft units offer a bit more space, making them ideal for a larger room’s worth of items. Think bedroom sets, dining room furniture, or even a small office setup.

10ft Mobile Storage Units: Starting from $42.95 per week, these units can store furnishings from a sizable apartment or a small house. They’re a popular choice for families undergoing transitions or businesses in the midst of an office move.

20ft Mobile Storage Units: These are the behemoths of the mobile storage world. With prices commencing at $59.95 per week, they can accommodate the furniture of a large house. They’re a boon for those who need substantial storage space without multiple units.

Finding Value for Your Money

It’s not just about the space, though. Value for money is a multifaceted concept. Here’s what to consider:

Included Extras: Some storage companies elevate their services by offering furniture blankets and tie-downs at no extra charge. These are crucial for protecting your furniture from scratches, dents, or shifting during transit and storage. Make sure to inquire about these inclusions when comparing prices.

Security: No price can be put on peace of mind. Ensure the storage facility is equipped with CCTV surveillance, 24/7 security, and reliable access systems. Your furniture’s safety should be a top priority.

Accessibility: Some facilities might offer lower prices but restrict how often you can access your unit. Others might charge an extra fee for frequent access. Determine how regularly you might need to retrieve items and choose a facility that aligns with those needs.

Environmental Control: Melbourne’s weather can be unpredictable. Moisture and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on wooden furniture, electronics, and fabrics. Opting for a storage facility with climate control can be a game-changer, ensuring your belongings remain in pristine condition.

Contract Flexibility: Whether you need short-term storage for a month or a long-term solution for a year, it’s essential that the storage provider offers flexible contract terms to cater to your unique needs.

Reviews and Reputation: Word-of-mouth remains a powerful tool. Seek recommendations and read reviews. Companies with a history of positive feedback generally indicate reliability and quality service.

Bottom Line

Melbourne’s furniture storage industry provides a gamut of options for diverse needs. The listed prices for mobile storage units offer a straightforward picture of basic costs. But the real value emerges when you factor in the ancillary services and the qualitative aspects of the storage experience.


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