The well-being of employees in the workplace requires, among other things, a choice of the most ergonomic furniture: chair and height-adjustable desk top. This article focuses on the dose of comfort offered by the height-adjustable office table , its mode of operation, the important elements to take into account when acquiring it and of course the many advantages it offers.

How does a height adjustable desk work?

standing desk can have manual  or electric operation. When manual, the height-adjustable desk has a lever that moves the upper part up or down, depending on the user’s wishes. In its electric format, height-adjustable office furniture has one or two motors depending on the model. With an anti-collision safety feature and incremental adjustments, the height-adjustable desk top can be fitted with an integrated control pad, for quick height setting . It is an electrical mechanism accessible by simply pressing a button.

You can choose from an array of sit stand desk for sale online.Here: Other elements like design – wood, metal, etc. – and of course the price can be decisive in the choice of height-adjustable desks.

How to choose a height adjustable desk?

Here are some important criteria to consider when choosing height-adjustable desks.

  1. the height range offered: the optimal height is estimated between 22.6″ and 48.7″;
  2. depth: an electrically adjustable desk table at a depth of 30   minimum, offers greater ergonomics;
  3. noise: a desktop with easy movements, not noisy ;
  4. speed: the faster the speed of the desk – raising and lowering – the more comfortable it is to use.

Other elements like design – wood, metal, etc. – and of course the price can be decisive in the choice of height-adjustable desks.

Why use a height-adjustable desk?

When you want to personalize your work experience in order to influence your productivity, the comfort of a height-adjustable desk will certainly be of great use. Many workers and students spend long hours sitting, at the desk or in the classroom. Office tables with any design – wood, metal, etc. – are so uncomfortable that users soon start complaining of back or lower hip pain caused by poor sitting posture. The pressure of fatigue in this position is likely to affect your spine. It is not uncommon to observe tensions and genes in the neck. These pains generally result from desks that are not adjustable, too high or too low. The majority of victims resolve to relieve discomfort with massages and uncontrolled intake of analgesics. However, the best way to regain comfort in the office is to eliminate the source of the discomfort at work. A good electric height-adjustable desk puts your body in the most optimal condition while you work. More clearly, :

The adjustable desk top meets the height needs of the user: 

when you feel tired from the sitting position, you can get up and continue to work on the spot, without having to bend over. Comfortable, isn’t it?

The height-adjustable office furniture adapts to the morphology of each worker

A good part of the counter-performances in the administrations would be due to the lack of ergonomics of the office. Some employees feel more comfortable seated, while others prefer a standing desk. By equipping desks with height-adjustable furniture, the working environment becomes less constraining and more comfortable.

– the use of a height-adjustable desk reduces the harmful impacts of sedentary jobs on workers’ health. They have the opportunity to be more active throughout their working day. Alternating between sitting and standing helps the body stretch, increase blood flow and engage core, gluteal and leg muscles. According to a study of bus drivers and train drivers, those who remained standing were half as likely to have heart ailments as their fellow drivers who literally remained seated all day.

The adjustable sit-stand desk top improves your mood:

 sitting constantly and for long periods of time can lead to anxiety and depression. The mental state can take a hit. On the other hand, the idea of ​​being able to continue performing your tasks while standing, with an electric table repositioned at your height, can improve your mood . Instead of being overwhelmed by feelings of stress, fatigue and drowsiness, you have more energy to take advantage of your ergonomic wood design desk top to achieve your goals for the day.

The height-adjustable office furniture allows its user to burn calories.

Standing work, with office furniture that rises, exercises the muscles to support the weight of the body  : interesting from an ergonomic and medical point of view. In short, the comfort provided by the height-adjustable office table is obvious. Is it ultimate comfort? Not sure ! The discomfort does not completely disappear. Moreover, the discomfort will undoubtedly appear before you think of alternating your working position – sitting, standing – on the heightened desk.




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