Heart Attack Cure: A Tiny Sleeve Can Prevent Heart Failure

heart attack

Heart problems are becoming worse day by day, and most of the people now suffer from heart problems. Scientists always try to find out the best cure for this disease. So they have developed a tiny sleeve which is made out of skin cells and prevents heart failure in heart patients.

These tiny patches can cure the heart. British Scientists do this work. They stitched together a 2cm by 3 cm stem cell sleeve and placed in the hearts of rabbits. So after some time, results were noted and saw that blood vessels started growing on the patches, and then these patches able to functioning muscles of the heart. The related study was published in the British Medical Journal.

Hence it’s good news for human and researchers are hopeful about it and think this test can apply to humans too within the next two years.

Sian Harding, who is the leading scientist of this research, said, that’s the only way to find a cure to a heart attack as well as heart failure.

If this remains successful, it could change the lives of hundreds of heart patients and also improve the other craniological conditions.

However, we are surprised how this tiny sleeve patch could cure the heart problems, let’s read it here.

When a human gets a heart attack, 1 billion cells lost, and after this loss, the heart couldn’t work correctly. According to professor of cardiac pharmacology at Imperial College London, the organ does not usually beat after such injury. Because due to this loss, muscles become weak, the rate of regeneration of tissues slows. So these patches could help reverse the damage.

Moreover, Harding said, “There are many ways to help the symptoms of heart failure, but that’s giving back that damage to the heart, that’s what we are trying to do with these cells.”

So still scientists are working on it, and after all results, it will offer for human either the treatment is feasible or not.


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