Hannah Brown Found Tyler’s fast Move from Her to Gigi a Bit Disrespectful

hannah brown

Hannah Brown felt a bit disrespectful when she came to know about Tyler love life, which he started two days after he kissed Brown on the Reality TV Show, The Bachelorette. He moved fast from Hannah to Gigi, and that was a quite insensitive act of show’s runner-up.
Hannah Brown appeared on Cosmopolitan’s Expensive Taste Tea Segment where she had to taste two glasses of champagne, one from expensive bottle $165 and second from $15 cheap bottle. Then, she has to tell which glass is from what bottle.
This is an exciting taste test, but what is more interesting is that she doesn’t mind talking about Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid relationship during the test.
The Alabama beauty queen added some reference to her past dramatic experience with guys on The Bachelorette.
“I don’t have to make a toast, do I?” she started. She was trying to give a reference to her weird date with Colton Underwood on The ABC dating series when she couldn’t make a toast when he asked her to do that.
“Do y’all remember that one time I was engaged?” she said so after sipping wine glass. She was trying to take viewers back to the time when she was in a relationship with Jed Wyatt. But she broke up with him as soon as she finds out that he had a girlfriend.
She tasted one wine glass and picked another one and said, “Do you remember that one time I then asked another person out on a date? On national television? After I got un-engaged? And then… I just read the tabloids.”
Brown asked Cameron for another date, and they spent the night together on the After the Final Rose episode of the season. He went to New York and started spending time with 24-year-old model Gigi.
They hanged out multiple times with and without friends. At VMAs 2019 after-party, Taylor Swift gave him a “big-hug” because he was the date of her BFF. When he arrived at this party, he kissed Gigi.
Brown told to PEOPLE that she is not focusing on the love life of Tyler but her all emphasis and focus is on her upcoming appearance on Dancing With the Stars show.
“I am totally focused on Hannah and with this new chapter in my life,” she said, “I don’t want to really flashback to pageant days for this because I think that was what was the hardest thing for me competing — not looking to my left or my right and really just focusing on getting better and showing my best self,” she added. “I want to do that with this.”

Brown is a very competitive girl, and she is not missing any chance she has to do that.
“Of course, I want to win. You don’t compete in something if that’s not your goal; you should always want to succeed,” she said. “But I just want to continue getting better and better each week and have that competition for myself, not with the other contestants.”
When asked about Tyler and Gigi Love life, she wished him “well” but during Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, she revealed that moving so quickly from her to Gigi was a bit respectful act from Tyler.
“I wish I would’ve got a little bit more than two days. But, you know, it is okay,” she said.
Brown was asked whether she feels hurt from Tyler’s fast-moving on act, she said “He has every right to do whatever he wants because we were, you know, just hanging out, seeing where it goes. And I am wonderful with that.”
To be honest, when a guy moves from one girl to another so fast like not giving a break of at least one or two weeks, then it doesn’t feel quite okay. What do you think?


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