Glow Season 3 Set to Release on 9 August 2019, Check Plot Details Ahead!

Glow Season 3

Netflix’s Freaking Series “GLOW” Season 3 set to Release on August 9, 2019!

Glow, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, as the title refer, the series focuses on the wrestling competitions of women. However, GLOW was a women wrestling promotion circuit, which David Mcclane inaugurated in the 1980s.

We have got 2 seasons of this freaking series, yet. The series proves to be the best comedy series as viewers have praised it much.

Now, the makers have renewed the Glow for its season 3.

Glow Season 3 will release on 9 August 2019, only on Netflix.

So get ready GLOW fans, you will soon be gifted by another diverse range of wrestling plus comedy sequences. 

Moreover, the cast and characters from the previous seasons will be back as follows:

  • Alison Brie as Ruth, Zoya the Destroya, Wilder
  • Betty Gilpin as Debbie, Liberty Belle, Eagan
  • Britney Young as Carmen, Machu Picchu, Wade
  • Marc Maron as Sam Sylvia
  • Britt Baron as Justine, Scab, Biagi
  • Kate Nash as Rhonda Britannica, Richardson
  • Gayle Rankin as Sheila, The She-Wolf
  • Sydelle Noel as Cherry Junkchain/Black Magic
  • Kia Stevens as Tammé The Welfare Queen, Dawson
  • Jackie Tohn as Melanie Melrose, Rosen

However, new cast and characters can be expected to hype the prestige of GLOW.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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