Get the taste of celebrity-style bathroom décor in your home

celebrity-style bathroom

There is something about the homes of famous people that makes others mimic their style and preference. After all, they are most aware of the latest trends. If you need to update your bathroom, you can take hints from their interior designs to recreate and replicate them. You can never go wrong with it. Fortunately, social media platforms like Instagram give you a sneak-peek into their personal space today. If you diligently follow them, you can pick a thing or two from their feeds and implement it in your nest to enjoy what your favorite actors or actresses also back. Here is how to get celebrity-style bathroom for your home.

Before that, here are some leading celebrity-style bathroom designs to give you the feel of this whole thing. Let’s delve into them at once.

The combination of white, teal, and gold

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram page reveals her bathroom color scheme built with three mesmerizing shades: gold, teal, and white. While white and gold are the most common hues, teal is a unique choice. Falling somewhere between the range of green and blue, teal emerges as a versatile tone with depth and warmth. And the best part is it can pair with trendy brass and marble fittings easily.

The model’s bathroom features glossy square tiles in dark blue and green teal. The look further gets a boost with white grout that stands out from the rest. You can opt for golden grouts if you wish to create a more animated feature. In the teal background, there is a brass vanity mirror and an undermount white sink. Getting a similar sink should not be a challenge. You can explore Kraus bathroom bowl styles for this. As for other things, you don’t have to buy the same things as she has. You can complete the teal theme with a marble toothbrush and soap dispenser, and brass-based drawer pulls. 

 The magical white and off-white shades

For a modern vintage look, you can check out Brooklyn Decker’s bathroom interiors. With a walk-in shower in the surroundings of white wood paneling and off-white tiles, the whole space defines the real meaning of unwinding. The shower area has a glass enclosure that brings a lot of focus on it. The pairing of white tiles with brass shower and dark-colored sink adds more attractiveness. (Buy molnupiravir)  

However, it doesn’t end there. It also houses granite flooring, a pine dresser, and more. If you want to copy this look, you can buy wood furniture and accessories with a bit of vintage charm. Remove the old varnish, though. You can instead apply a protective layer of wood oil to lend a modern appeal.

The inescapable charm of dark tiles

American actress Maggie’s bathroom is another example of beauty and perfection. It has a teak wood bath, the soul of the interior. In the backdrop of dark tiled walls, the tub feels quite intimate and comfortable. It enjoys a deep rough-luxe vibe with clean lines of the wood bath, bare pipelines in the sink area, and original flooring. If you want to tap into this, you can use porcelain tiles that look similar to wood. These will be effective in creating the desired impact. Your accessories can also wear a dark-stained appearance. However, you may drop the idea of a wood bath. It can require a tremendous amount of maintenance. 

Besides, opting for an exposed pipe look in the modern bathroom can again be a little problematic. Still, you should not feel disappointed. You can bring in industrial flair with certain types of fittings and plumbing fixtures in the shower sink area.

The forever favorite natural hues

The well-known singer and actor John Legend’s bathroom is for every season and era as it relies on soothing natural colors. Everything consists of organic materials that can easily stand the test of time, from walnut vanity to gray slate tiles and a marble bench. According to experts, bathrooms can use any wood, but walnut is the topmost material. Not only does it have expensive and luxurious looks but a durable life too.

 Anyone can get easily bowled over by its smooth touch. And the incredible thing about it is that it doesn’t require heavy maintenance. It can stay in a wet and humid condition hassle-free. Plus, you don’t have to oil or polish it too. In that sense, you can bank on its long-lastingness. 

If you want to design celebrity-style bathroom like this, choose floor-to-ceiling tiles. Even a small space can suddenly feel spacious by attracting your eyes toward the ceiling. Tiles are also excellent for natural light and protect your place from moisture, humidity, and dampness. Also, you can add only one sink instead of two unless your bathroom has adequate room.

Points to consider

You may think that celebrities will have spacious bathrooms. That’s why they can opt for anything and experiment. While a lot of them possess palatial homes, some of them live in modest houses too. They look great, although they are not too large or swanky. Their houses can be only 2500 sq ft or so, a size of a typical home. Hence, it would help if you did not believe that you cannot replicate their styles. You can be careful with what you pick and apply in your bathroom to achieve a near-perfect appearance.

For example, if you want to avoid risk, you can go with light wood vanity, tiled flooring and walls, and other such safe elements. You can put a freestanding bathtub in a spacious bathroom of this type with a statement floral design to accentuate the ambiance. The windows with wood frames and beadboard walls can further lend a special touch. The sink area can have a vessel sink, undermount sink, or any other model based on the overall décor. Many celebrity-style bathroom follow these themes for their airy and trendy look. So you can choose from these ideas while carving your most intimate place in the house after your dreams. 

Don’t worry about the budget. If you don’t want to splurge, you can change a few small things to start the process.



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