Game of Thrones Season 8 Spoilers: Arya Might Kill Night king

Game of Thrones Season 8

Games of Thrones is moving toward its Finale, so there are many rumors about the war between living and dead. Almost one-third of all characters have been moved to the North to fight with White Walkers. Now the question is who is going to kill the Night king? We have got an exceptional name regarding these questions. Moreover, which is none other than Arya?

I’m sure many of you don’t like to see her name especially when there is Daenerys with her Dragons, Jon Snow and other influential characters. However, I have a reason to mention that Arya might kill the night king. Even there is an influential theory behind these spoilers. So, let’s find out what I have for you.

How Can Arya Kill Night King in the Games of Thrones Season 8?

In the first two episodes of GOT Season 8, you might notice that Arya is quite active. She asked Gendry to make her a special weapon which sketch she got on a paper. Even she expressed her skilled in front of Gendry to make a point that she can handle a gun far better than other warriors. Gendry had made a special dragon glass weapon.

Now in the second episode, she inquired about white walkers and wight. One Redditor suggests that Arya will take up the disguise of a white walker. We had seen a fake face of Arya when she killed Walder and its army for revenge just one time.

Now we are watching Games of Thrones Finale. Therefore it is not wrong to expect Arya’s fake face a second time, especially when her family needs this skill the most. Fighting with the dead isn’t going to be simple. Everyone has to use all his skills and power. So, we shouldn’t forget about fake face and combat skills of Arya at this moment.

Since she is trying to get the most accurate information about wights, then it is quite sure that she will become like one of them, enter into the dead pack and kill them from inside not just the Night King.

New spoiler suggests that Arya might use her fake face technique to kill the White Walkers and also the Night King. What do you think?


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