From Traditional to Contemporary: Adapting Church Chairs to Your Worship Style


The type of church chairs you use matters significantly to your church’s worship style. For instance, modern church chairs go well with the contemporary style of worship. On the other hand, traditional pews go well with the traditional worship style.

Below, we’ll expound more on how to adapt your church chairs to your worship style.

Traditional Worship Style

Before buying chairs, such as church chairs by ComforTek, you must have a better understanding of the traditional worship style. The traditional worship style comprises a reverent way of worship that has stood the test of time. In this worship style, the primary expression of music is rooted in hymns played on a pipe organ. The hymns are lyrically complex, and their main goal is to communicate theological truths.

The best thing is that the traditional worship style can be found in all types of faiths and denominations around the globe. This traditional worship style features:

  • Choirs
  • Orchestras
  • Organs
  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Guitars

Note that the order of service in the traditional worship style remains the same for many years. Additionally, it is often similar to that of other churches in the same denomination. This traditional worship style follows the same pattern of traditional preaching, offering, announcements, hymns, and seating arrangements. Another incredible thing about the traditional worship style is that it is adaptable in both small and large churches. Small churches prefer this traditional worship style as it often caters to an ageing population. On the other hand, large churches are more progressive and often need to meet the requirements of the general population as a whole.

Contemporary Worship Style

The contemporary worship style is currently the most popular style of worship today. It emerged during the 1980s, and many churches are transitioning to this form of worship. In most cases, you will find the contemporary worship style in mega churches. The main goal behind the adoption of the contemporary style of worship is to attract young families because of the progressive music they use. In addition, this form of worship does not include prayer requests or manual announcements like traditional services. It is more technologically savvy and features professional-looking video clips and many other technological advances. Also,  musicians and pastors in these churches dress more casually than in the traditional churches.

Adapting Church Chairs to Traditional Worship Style

The traditional worship style influences a traditional seating design. In most cases, this worship style prompts churches to use traditional wooden pews. The traditional church pews offer a sense of community during worship. Also, these traditional wooden pews provide several other benefits, including the following:

Allows churches to maintain tradition

When most individuals think of traditional services, they instantly think about church pews. Church pews bring about a positive reaction to worship. They also bring forth the feelings of past religious experiences. The best thing is that these feelings apply to non-believers and believers. Thus, church pews help churches to maintain tradition.

They are affordable

The traditional pews are one of the most affordable church benches available. Their affordability occurs because of their simple design. Also, these pews do not include modern designs.

They promote a sense of unity

Church chairs ensure that each churchgoer has their personal space. This personal space promotes a sense of individuality instead of unity. On the other hand, in the traditional pews, churchgoers sit closely together. This seating arrangement creates a sense of unity among the churchgoers.

Adapting Church Chairs to Contemporary Worship Style

The contemporary worship style prompts churches to use a more modern seating design. This seating design aims to promote comfort and encourage church attendance. Some of the modern church chairs that contemporary churches use include the following;

Stackable church chairs

As the name suggests, the stackable church chairs allow chair stacking. This chair design promotes flexibility in the church space. Also, it allows contemporary churches to transform their space for specific events. In addition, stackable church chairs are one of the most affordable church chairs available.

Ergonomic church chairs

Ergonomic church chairs enable contemporary churches to provide seating that is suitable for all congregants. These types of chairs often feature a padded upholstered seat that protects one from back and neck pain.

Interlocked church chairs

The interlocked church chairs boast an interlocking system. This interlocking system allows contemporary churches to emulate the traditional pews but with a more modern design. Note that the interlocked church chairs can also be stackable and ergonomic.

In Conclusion

The form of worship style that a church embraces plays a crucial role in the seating design. It also ensures that churches can purchase affordable church chairs. The traditional worship style prompts churches to use traditional wooden pews. On the other hand, the contemporary worship style prompts churches to use modern chair designs.

Does your church use a contemporary or a traditional worship style? What church chair design does your church adopt?



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