“Fractured”: First Look at Sam Worthington in Trailer!

“Fractured”: First Look at Sam Worthington in Trailer!

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“Fractured” is an upcoming thriller, mystery movie on Netflix. Brad Anderson is directing the movie. The producer of the movie is Paul Schiff, Neal Edelstein. This will be more attractive and pretty charming with a little touch of thrill and very ideal film on Netflix.

However, the series will bring out the Sam Worthington, a famous actor of Titan Star. He will face many problems to find his most precious and valuable family. This interesting story with the delimited atmosphere will be wrapped up within a period of two hours. Netflix will stream out the film in the month of October.

Story Details

The Titan Star Sam Worthington is playing as Ray Monroe in the brand new trailer of “Fractured”. And you will see him on Netflix on 11th October 2019. He is struggling hard to find his family after spending a tough weekend with the family of his in-laws.

The family pulling him to somewhere with his wife for some rest and peace. Their daughter is also with them in this journey. But this journey for having rest becomes the worst part of their life. Because their beloved daughter got injured in some accident. In an emergency, they are taking a room with some doubtful mind and taking their daughter for more tests.

Suddenly, his wife Joanne (Lily Rabe) and his loving daughter Peri (Lucy Capri) are disappeared and nobody knows about them. All the reports about their data and traveling are also disappearing. Then he is searching for his family to know what will happen to them? And how they disappear like that?

But all is going in vain. He has no clue in his hand that helps him to go forward. On the other hand, he wants to search out his family before getting too late.

Now what will happen is the main question? Is the hospital faculty is hiding everything? Is he has a real family? All will answer on 11th October 2019. So do not forget to watch what will happen with Sam’s Family.


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