Florida Bans Alcohol Consumption at Bars as Coronavirus Cases Rise


Florida authorities yet again put a ban on city bars serving alcohol due to the recent rise in coronavirus cases. The license giving authority, The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation declared this new restriction on Friday. The ban is going to be there for an unknown period of time.

The restaurants, bars, and pubs have not maintained the social distancing measures at their premises. The government authorities can not enforce the rules individually to those bars and restaurants due to lack of time obviously. The process would not be sufficient so this new shut down rule came into force as per the orders of DBPR.

According to the new regulation, bars will not be able to sell alcohol. Restaurants are also not allowed to serve the alcohol beverage on site. Ron DeSantis said they would not have any problems providing people abide by these regulations.

He said in his press conference that social distancing was tough to implement at bars. Coronavirus cases have increased due to that. The Governor announced this on June 26 in a press meet.

There were many people who were not following social distancing rules. The noncompliance of these rules made severe issues which resulted in increase number of COVID-19 infections.

Strict rules for Florida bars

DBPR secretary Hasley Beshears ordered his officials to go to the restaurants, bars, and such gatherings every night to monitor if there were any violations of hygiene, social distancing, and capacity.

Florida authorities canceled a restaurant’s alcohol license a few days back. 28 customers and 13 employees got infected by coronavirus by being at the restaurant.

Dr. Raul Pino who is the Director of the Florida Department of Health, Orange County said that there were 152 new COVID-19 infections in one campus. There was a bar nearby and the area is now under suspicion. It could be one of the hotspots of newfound coronavirus cases.

There was lockdown for restaurants, and bars due to coronavirus pandemic in the middle of March. Those establishments reopened in phase 2, started in the initial days of this month after having permission from the authority.

The governor said that young people have no symptoms or have less effective symptoms. The Seminole County officials said that the way numbers are showing after testing the young people portrays a different scenario. Most suspected young people are going for treatments due to having COVID-19 after tests.

According to Pino younger people with COVID-19 infections has lesser risk than vulnerable elderly patients. They also have a higher survival rate.

As per reports on June 26, Florida had seen nine thousand new COVID-19 infected patients in the state. The infection is spreading at a faster pace day by day. The numbers of patients can cross the April and May’s data also.


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