First Trailer of Jason Mewes Film ” Madness In The Method”

Madness In The Method

Madness in the method is an American comedy and crime film that will release in the upcoming days of this year. Jason Mewes is the director of the film, and Chris Anastasi wrote it. Cinedigm acquired North American rights to Madness in the Method in May 2019.

Well, the trailer is on the screen now. It looks so funny as well as some criminal activities. Have a look at it.

The story follows a way to toughen up to survive in Hollywood. Kevin Smith, aka Bob, passes the advice to his best friend, Jay Mewes.

But the smith did not expect his advice to turn Jay into a psychopathic killer. Jay, Jason takes the matter in his own hands and hatches the plan to dethrone Smith.

Moreover, he takes over his universe and emerges from the shadow of Bob. The project leads to the murder of Danny Trejo. So let’s see Can jay pull it off or just the fantastical musings of an ex-drug addict?

In Madness in the method cast stars, Gina Carano, Jaime Camil, Vinnie Jones, Mickey Gooch Jr., Brian O’Halloran, Danny Trejo, Teri Hatcher are included. This Hollywood movie looks kooky and fun as well as an amusing mockery.

Well, Madness in the Method will release on 2nd August 2019. So Just wait a few days, and you’ll get the best comedy film.


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