Fans Said Taylor Swift Should Stop Ripping Off Beyonce

Taylor Swift

Fans of Beyonce are talking about Taylor Swift’s You need to Calm Down” music video. They accussed her ripping off Beyonce pool party through this video.  Even people accused that video of stereotyping and being pretty tone-deaf. You should watch this video on Youtube, and then you can compare with Beyonce’s Party video.

Many people have already watched this video, and they are sharing their comments. They are comparing several aspects of both videos and concluding that Taylor Swift’s You need to Calm down video is a direct rip-off of Beyonce’s party video.

@ErinGaetz tweeted

“If Taylor Swift wants people to stop accusing her of ripping off Beyoncé, maybe she should quit ripping off Beyoncé. Her whole “above-ground pool party in a trailer park” vibe cribs a lot of shots from Bey’s “Party” video.”

Another user @MasonMorix Tweeted, “#Beyonce had leftover props from her Party video… it’s nice she is letting the girls use her things.”

@Iveylovesbay said , “Also, Taylor Swift’s new video is the Walmart/Kidz Bop version of Beyoncé’s Party video”

@Blondeberryy tweeted, “all of the photo stills from Taylor Swift’s new music video look like Beyoncé’s party video mixed with a lil Feeling myself video.”

Although most of the user tweeted against Taylor, some supported her.

One twitter user Melanie tweets say, “y’ all are tripping if you’re saying Taylor Swift copied Beyonce’s Party. Taylor didn’t just have a pool party, she showed off everything supporting the LGBTQ+ community and did it in a fun manner. I love Bey, but i think the Beyhive is tRIPPIN this time”

You should watch both music videos and then to compare its scenes.  If you do your kind of comparative analysis then you can tell us whether Taylor Swift is ripping off Beyonce’s party video or not.


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