Failed Infamous “New Coke” Formula was regenerated for Netflix’s series “Stranger Things” Partnership

New Coke

Many people enjoy some foodstuff during movie time and TV shows. So A big TV show platform Netflix and Coca Cola announced their alliance and decided to release new Coke Can as a partnership to promote the third series of Stranger things. This coke was seen in 1985, and that was infamy for the Company.

The company made the worst blunders in 1985 when it changed the formula for Coke and created the New Coke. Well, it was the most significant risk of the company in consumer stuff history because the changing was done in the most popular soft drink in the world. So the 23 April 1985, a day went live in marketing infamy for the Coca-Cola company.

Again company produced a limited edition of New Coke Cans on 23 May for the promotion of Netflix series Stranger thing season 3. After announcing this partnership deal, people get shocked and started to save a stock of classic Coke as much as they could. Even A man from San Antonio Texas purchased $1000 worth of Coke.

Coca Cola offices get immediately 800 inundated with calls from upset consumers. The hotline was alert, and 1500  calls received in June of that year. This New Coke was removed after 70 days due to negative feedback.

The director of Coca Cola Trademark, Oana Vlad, said, ” this summer changed everything for us with the introduction of New Coke, it was arguably and most significant pop culture moments of 1985.

Well, the recipe was safe and now launched with the third series of  Stranger things partnership. Pete Shoemaker who director of sparkling category commercialization said it was a top secret from six months.  Netflix head reacted on collaboration and said, Coke allows Netflix to get the massive number of audience authentically.

So Coca Cola will release the limited number of New Coke Cans as a part of Stranger things third series partnership. Well for a limited time, fans of Stranger things could get free cans of New coke for a limited time.


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