Explosive Arrow Raider Build Guide for PoE 3.21 League Starter

PoE 3.21 League Starter

The Explosive Arrow Ballista build, especially when revamped with unique items like Wilma’s Requital, presents a fresh and dynamic way to experience Path of Exile’s 3.21 League. This guide explores a non-ignite version of the Explosive Arrow Raider build, perfect for players seeking speed and efficiency in farming content.

Build Overview

Damage Output: Achieving 26 million DPS without full optimization, this build boasts impressive offensive capabilities. There’s potential to further increase DPS with more fine-tuning.

Defense Stats: The build provides a robust defense with 26,000 Evasion Rating, 13,000 Armour (without flasks), over 4,000 Life, and 500 Energy Shield. Enhanced by Ghost Dance and a 100% chance to Suppress Spell Damage, it offers a solid defensive framework.

Speed and Efficiency: The build’s speed is a standout feature, making gameplay dynamic and farming efficient.

Ascendancy Choice: Raider

  • Surprising Choice: Opting for Raider may seem unusual, but it offers quality-of-life benefits, especially as a league starter. It provides a 40% chance to Suppress Spell Damage, permanent phasing, Onslaught with increased effect, Elemental Exposure, and a 100% chance to avoid Elemental Ailments.
  • Versatility of Raider: Raider ascendancy is recommended for its balance of speed, defense, and elemental resistance, making it a compelling choice for various playstyles.

Build Showcase and Gameplay

  • Non-Ignite Explosive Arrow: Contrary to the belief that non-ignite Explosive Arrow has slow mapping speed, this build maintains good pacing without relying on Ignite Proliferation.
  • Single Target Damage: The build handles bosses effectively, ensuring a smooth progression through endgame content.

Skill and Equipment Choices

  • Using Blast Rain: Blast Rain is incorporated to cover enemies in ash on hit, leveraging Anomalous Blast Rain for a chance to apply the effect. This serves as a budget alternative to Polaric Devastation, especially useful at the league’s start.
  • Budget-Friendly Start: Initially, Anomalous Blast Rain is a cost-effective choice compared to the more expensive Polaric Devastation, allowing players to save and accumulate PoE currency for later upgrades.
  • Endgame Gear Option: In the endgame, retaining Blast Rain can be advantageous, allowing the use of a high-quality rare ring that might outperform Polaric Devastation.

Essential Gear and Leveling PoE 3.21 League Starter

In Path of Exile’s 3.21 League, the Explosive Arrow Raider build stands out for its damage potential and speed. This guide covers the crucial gear and items necessary for the build, along with leveling tips to ensure a smooth progression.

Key Gear and Items

  • Wilma’s Requital: This unique helmet is pivotal for the build, boosting attack speed crucial for maximizing Explosive Arrow damage.
  • Skin of the Lord: Essential for acquiring the Keystone Elemental Overload, it increases defense and allows for higher-level aura usage with an upgraded Enlighten gem.
  • 6-Link Bow: Aim for a bow with +1 to Level of Socketed Gems and +2 to Level of Socketed Bow Gems, serving as the primary damage source.
  • Mastery and Rain of Splinters: The new Mastery in POE 3.21, offering 15% increased maximum Life with no Life Modifiers on body armor, complements the Skin of the Lord well. The Rain of Splinters Unique Jewel is crucial for additional projectiles.
  • Cluster Jewels: Invest in two large (Rapture Hope), two mediums (Eagle Spark & Bramble Star), and one small (Ghoul Bliss) cluster jewels.
  • Forbidden Flesh and Flame with Avatar of the Chase: Enhance the build’s efficiency with these items.
  • Thread of Hope: A large radius Thread of Hope can unlock valuable passive nodes, though it may require significant investment in terms of Divine Orbs.

Leveling Tips

  • Early Levels: Begin with Caustic Arrow from level 1.
  • Mid-Level Transition: At level 12, switch to Rain of Arrows and add Shrapnel Ballista for single-target damage.
  • Accessing Explosive Arrow: At level 28, Explosive Arrow becomes available. Wait to use it until you have a suitable 4-Link and leveled-up gems.
  • End of Campaign and Beyond: Continue using Rain of Arrows until the end of the campaign. Switch to Explosive Arrow Ballista as the primary damage skill once you start mapping.

Managing Build Costs

  • Budget-Friendly Start: While the endgame gear seems expensive, many items are affordable early in the league. Starting with cheaper gear, you can still achieve 2-3 million DPS, sufficient for Atlas completion and farming PoE currency.
  • Gradual Gear Upgrade: As a strong league starter, the build allows for steady progression. Focus on farming currency and upgrading your gear step by step.


The Explosive Arrow Raider build offers a combination of high damage and agility, making it an excellent choice for the PoE 3.21 League. By focusing on the right gear and following the leveling guide, players can effectively navigate the early to endgame phases, gradually building up their character for optimal performance in both speed and combat.


This Explosive Arrow Raider build offers a unique blend of speed, damage, and defense, making it a solid choice for both league starters and seasoned players. Its versatility in terms of gear and skill choices allows for gradual progression and optimization, suitable for various in-game challenges. Whether you’re new to the Raider ascendancy or looking to try a non-ignite approach, this build provides an exciting and effective way to navigate the Crucible League.


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