EXANTE 2023 review


There is nothing more important than choosing the right broker when it comes to investing and trading. Before settling on a broker, traders should ensure they have a thorough understanding of a broker’s product offerings and background. They should also ensure that the broker they are working with is reputable and licensed, to increase their chances of having a smooth and successful trading experience. 

In this EXANTE broker review, we take a look at what the brokerage firm offers, its background, and its licenses. If you are looking to create a trading platform to start participating in the financial markets, then make sure to check out this review. 

EXANTE’s background

EXANTE is a global investment firm that provides direct market access to over 600,000 financial instruments from more than 50 markets worldwide. The brokerage firm services over 100 countries, with offices all around the world and licensed in major trading regions. This includes being licensed by the FCA in the UK, the CySEC in Cyprus, the MFSA in Malta, and the SFC in Hong Kong. As the broker operates in the EU, it is also compliant with the MiFID II framework that regulates financial market activity within the region. EXANTE is further audited regularly by a Big Four company. This means EXANTE is highly reputable and trustworthy, in spite of the recent SEC Vs EXANTE controversy. 

EXANTE’s founders, Alexey Kirienko, Anatoliy Knyazev and GatisEglitis established the brokerage firm with the aim of increasing the ubiquity and accessibility of financial information among traders and investors. As such, there is an emphasis on technology and openness in the company’s vision, which the trading platformfulfils. 

EXANTE’s products

EXANTE has an impressive range of financial instruments and access to many global exchanges and markets. The products that are offered by the broker include stocks and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), metals, futures, options, bonds, and currencies. Here, we take a more comprehensive look at these products. 

Stocks and ETFs

EXANTE provides over 24,000 stocks in more than 50 financial markets around the world. Boasting 100% live prices, traders with EXNTE can invest in blue chips, new IPOs, and everything in between. Stock exchangesavailable on the platform include US, European, and APAC markets. More specifically, these range from the American Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ, the NYSE, the Singapore Exchange, AustralianSecurities Exchange, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, to name a few. Rates will vary depending on the size of the trade and the specific type of stock or ETF being traded.


EXANTE offers 50 currency pair with 100% live prices and a fast execution of 10ms. The ultra-low latency afforded by EXANTE is available through its trading platform, with traders being able to trade forex on the spot or through swaps and forwards. Currency pairs include major ones such as AUD/USD, EUR/USD, and GBP/USD, in addition to minor pairs such as EUR/JPY, and more. Exotic currencies are also available upon request. Traders can gain access to leverage trading and spreads vary depending on the account type, trade size, and currency pair being traded. 


EXANTE has a variety of metals for trading, such as copper, gold, silver, and platinum.With 100% live prices and 10ms execution, traders can invest in metals on the spot or through derivatives such as futures and options, or ETFs. Precious metals are also on offer, with rates varying depending on the trade size and metal traded. 



Derivative traders will be happy to know that EXANTE provides them for trading purposes as well. These include both futures and options. Traders can access over 30 global futures markets with 100% real-time prices on their trading platform. They also have access to over 500 futures varieties ranging from commodities to bonds. Markets available cover the US, UK, continental Europe, and APAC, with differing rates. 



There are more than 500,000 options available, which means the brokerage firm offers impressive potential for portfolio diversification. People keen on trading options will find a neat option board and access to the Greeks and Implied Volatility (IV) metrics, allowing them to easily manage and monitor the markets. Exchanges cover the US, European, and APAC exchanges, with popular names including the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). 



Traders have the option of investing in bonds with EXANTE. There are a wide variety of bonds available, including over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange-traded bonds, as well as state and private bonds from governments around the world, such as the US, Europe, and exotics. There are bonds that offer timely interest pay-outs, in addition to unlimited opportunities for the EXANTE trader with the use of the broker’s bond screener. This is a powerful and robust comparison tool which allows traders to search for and invest in their preferred bond choice effectively. 

Bottom line

In the complex world of finance, choosing a broker that aligns with your investment goals is crucial. On the whole, EXANTE is a highly reliable and trustworthy broker that is regulated globally. It is also compliant with a number of financial regulatory frameworks in major trading regions. 

As such, we can conclude that the company offers a wide range of assets and instruments. This lets traders enjoy a comprehensive and smooth trading experience regardless of skill level and experience, making EXANTE a brokerworthy of consideration. 


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