Euphoria, a Sensational Teen Drama to Highlight Spoils of Teen Life!


HBO’s Sensational Teen Drama, EUPHORIA is Sensitizing the TV Screen with the Portrayal of Spoiled Teen-Life!

Euphoria is based on Israeli Drama of the same name. However, the American version of the teen drama is highly intense to watch as it is the perfect depiction of teen life. Hence, it sketches out the spoils of teen life including Drug addiction, Sexual relationships, Love, Friendships, Social media, and the disasters which these bring in the lives of teenagers.

Well, Euphoria hits the TV screen on Sunday, 16 June 2019. Every Sunday at 10 pm, only on HBO, Euphoria will sensitize its viewers.

Till now, viewers have got the first episode of the drama, titled “Pilot”. On June 23, 2019, at 10 pm, Second episode titled “Stunting Like My Daddy” will premier on HBO.

However, the first episode of the teen drama got critical and mixed reviews from viewers as the drama contains a lot of sex scenes, physical and mental abuse. Well, it is the perfect illustration of teen life. As teenagers of today’s time have spoiled and exploited their lives on the name of enjoying teen life. Thus, this drama will highlight all the underlying issues and effects of such spoliations which the spoils disgusted as joys of teen life brings.


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