Essential steps for site preparation before construction

Starting Your Own Construction Business?

Every day a new business emerges, everyone wants to join the never-ending marathon of competition and earn money. The dilemma is that not everybody prepares themselves thoroughly for the future they are investing in; you would rarely find a new entrepreneur having the complete knowledge of their own business. And the most booming business of all, construction, is what most people want to step in and capitalize on it.

Because what is more lucrative than having a stable construction company? This is especially so in the era where the population is rapidly increasing, hence increasing the demand for more buildings (both commercial and residential).

Therefore, before starting your own construction business or capitalizing on your existing business, it is best to know everything about it and learn all the essential steps to construct your business and your buildings! Learn how to prepare your sites so that you have a solid base for the structure you are going to build, you will be one of those who design such inadequate structures that the buildings collapse within no time!

What Is Construction?

Construction involves the designing and manufacturing of any infrastructure, which will be the basis of a building! Meaning, the builder would be responsible for the building and the people who will occupy it later.

Before planning ‘how to build,’ the site needs to be evaluated, surveyed, and prepared. You cannot just start constructing on a barren piece of land, because you cannot just start teaching Ph.D. to a kindergarten kid, right? Even a simple standby diesel generator needs proper site planning and preparation for installation.


The first thing needed for construction is a piece of land; a site. After you get your site, it requires preparation. Because without preparing for it, you are bound to fail your exam. And you do not want that, right?

Simply put, site preparation is just getting your piece of land ready to have your ground as a solid foundation! It is a multi-step, multifaceted process, not an over-night process or one-person army kin of work. It requires a whole lot of teamwork!


Now that you have your legal documentation in your hands, go through all the preparatory steps, and you are good to go!

  • This is the basic knowledge applied to each kind of site if carefully followed you would face no problems in the future.
  1. Clearing The Site:

Your site might be plain barren land or have some old construction on it. In both cases, it needs proper cleaning. This includes several steps, like the following.

  • Remove all the trees and the existing debris by a tree removal company in Tampa Fl.
  • Demolish a whole lot of old building(s).
  • All existing structures (above and below the ground) must be cleared.
  • Measure the whole site once it is cleared.
  • Map the site, both above and under the ground.

2. Excavating The Site:

Soil and Geo-technological evaluation are essential; it involves evaluating the earth, rocks, and land. The soil must be dug out and then tested to assure the ground is compatible and withstand the pressure of heavy-bearing forces that will be applied while constructing. The geo-technological investigating tools will assess the rocks.

The assessment of soil and rocks helps create a leveled ground, showing the groundwater conditions and informing how well the earth will absorb the water (because a flood is unpredictable, but the site has to prepare to prevent it from any future disasters!).

3. Surveying The Site:

It includes three essential steps:

  • Leveling the site: After the site has been cleared and excavated, it must be leveled, creating a slope.
  • Investigating the site: A professional team is called upon to assess the whole site and mark its parameters so that the construction is done within the site’s legal limits. 
  • Mapping the site: This is another aspect because you need your site to be legally acknowledged, and all the information should be somewhere, right?

4. Budgeting The Site:

Every significant aspect of the site has been evaluated; gather the team of the best experts (architects and realtors) to assess the cost!! You would not want to go bankrupt, so budget your project!

5. Plan The Infrastructure:

Now that you have a prepared site, get an infrastructure designed according to your choice, and you are good to go.


Planning is the key to a successful project when it comes to all types of construction. Gear up and construct the plan step-by-step, so there would be no fingers pointing at you in the future, and you can have all the money flowing in with your name shining on the project.



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