Element Zero’s Turn-key Stablecoin Creation Platform Meets Industry Needs


Element Zero is a non-profit next generation payment network which is based on an algorithmic stablecoin creation platform. Element Zero’s design provides a better world by incorporating a new payment option. A king of payment which is safe against long-term inflation and removes the possibility of any volatility.

It is basically a new algorithmic method to control the selling of Element Zero stablecoins. As a lot of people sell below or above the set price, this prevents inflation. Change this to: It is basically a new algorithmic method to control volatility removing this risk in the first place. This prevents people from selling below or above the stable value.

The power working behind Element Zero stablecoins is the decentralized Stability Protocol. It is basically a new algorithmic method to control the selling of Element Zero stablecoins. As a lot of people sell below or above the set price, this prevents inflation.

The function of liquidity protocol is a new thing. It endures cryptocurrency problems with the collateral hybrid collateralized or non-collateral one. This manages dynamically by machine learning on the Fractional Reserve Multiplier Effect. Also, modern banks use a similar method to create liquidity.

The introduction of a decentralized stablecoin will have a great impact on the integration of global finance using crypto finance which is important for the long-term growth of the whole cryptocurrency market.

The well-known adoption of a true stablecoin would help individuals, merchants and more importantly retailers to depend on a decentralized financial network without volatility. Element Zero will transform our idea about payments by providing a feature-rich, smart and open-source stablecoin payment solution.

What is a Stablecoin?

The stablecoins work as a connection between the world of fiat currencies and the world of cryptocurrency. Many companies make use of some centralized authorities which provide support to every coin with the one-to-one equivalent in Crypto or USD and controls the price volatility.

Apart from volatility, another reason why a stable cryptocurrency is important to institutional investors is the low fees. This low fee has a link with blockchain transactions. Investing in local asset involves a high number of taxes and fees. This fee involves transfer fees, investment fees, exchange fees, attorney fees, broker fees, and of course, whichever taxes apply in the investor’s location.

In contrast, cryptocurrency transactions only require a little network charge (including the exchange fees and possibly taxes). Since the transactions verify on the blockchain, investors have complete clearness and trust of their trades. This makes it simple for investors to accept the local legislature regarding taxation on cryptocurrencies.

Truly stable currency encourages blockchain mass adoption of big brands through a free creation platform

As indicated in a release first introducing the new methodology late last year, the Element Zero Protocol methodology for a new generation of stablecoins eliminates the possibility for any volatility, while aiming to challenge blockchain and current stablecoins as a common way of payment. The true value in the Element Zero stablecoin comes from the fact that it is not currency or commodity-backed.

The Element Zero Testnet is the first opportunity for users to use and validate the Element Zero stablecoin methodology by demonstrating how the new and proprietary two-way smart contract that maintains the coin’s stability.

The unique design protects the stablecoin from any future volatility events while simultaneously retaining purchasing power against inflation. Using the TestNet, users will be able to simulate the purchase and sell of an Element Zero stablecoin (EZO) while interacting with the smart contract, thereby receiving a “behind the curtain” look at the precision and stability that maintains the value.


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