Drifters Season 2: Release Date, Trailer And Cast Details!

Know about Drifters Season 2: Release Date, Voice Cast, And Announcement!

The Drifters Season 2

The Drifters are a Hollywood doo-wop and R&B/soul vocal group that has a series of seasons. Now, this post I will tell you about the Drifters Season 2.

In the show, the drifters are two groups one consists of the top singer named as Clyde McPhatter. And the other one has a totally different from the previous group but name as drift and the manager George Treadwell has the copyrights for their own group.

Previously, the Drifters Season 1 launched successfully. Viewers gave a very positive response for the show and want more from the drifters. This response from the audience pulls the director to make another season for fans.

The first season was released in 2016 and the last episodes were finished in December 2018. Previous season 1 consists of 12 seasons in which 4 episodes are special episodes. The special episodes are named as “The Outlandish Knight”. In these special episodes, the Kan’no Naoshi is successfully collect all the anthropomorphic animal families.

Therefore, after collecting these groups he became more powerful as the king of united tribes. Now After seeing all these fans are anticipating more information about the next season.

Because they want to see what will happen in this season. Well, 20XX is very cautious as it was estimated before the ending of 2019. Still, now, the producers are not very confirmed about the production start time.

But the rumors will make an estimate about the show that it may be coming out in 2019. And this news will make the fans more excited.

Drifters Season 2 Star Cast

However, I will tell you about the cast details of this anime show.

  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Kanno Naoshi
  • Kanae Itō as Easy
  • Mitsuru Miyamoto as Murasaki
  • Kenji Fukuda as Alesta
  • Koji Yusa as Flame
  • Taiten Kusunoki as Black King
  • Akira Ishida as Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  • Hiroki Yasumoto as Hijikata Toshizo
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Abe no Haruakira
  • Tomokazu Sugita as Saint-Germi
  • Yutaka Aoyama as Hannibal
  • Hiroshi Yanaka as Scipio Africanus
  • Daisuke Ono as Butch Cassidy
  • Yūichi Nakamura as Shimazu Toyohisa
  • Naoya Uchida as Oda Nobunaga
  • Mitsuki Saiga as Nasu Suketaka Yoichi
  • Shiho Kokido as Olminu

Drifters Season 2 Trailer

However, as the production does not start now, so there is no trailer till yet. But whenever, I will have any information about the trailer I will here show you later.


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