Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 49: Release Date, Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

The new arc of Dragon Ball Super manga is quite surprising with lots of twists and fabulous fights. Fans are happy to see their favorite characters in action. As it is the best arc in the series so we can expect more than 2 chapters in this arc.

I have got details of Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 49 like when this chapter will release and what will it bring for you guys. Even I have got some spoilers for you. So, if you are a person who likes to read spoilers, then you should check this post. Else you can find the release date of chapter 49 at the end of the post.

Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 48 was all about Moro and his big moves. He is becoming stronger with time. It is essential for him to boost up his strength since the final fight is coming soon.

Seeing him back to his full power is what fans always want. Another exciting thing about this chapter is that he has made his final wish. At this point, we don’t know what he wished for. Majin Buu kicked Moro down quickly because Moro wasn’t in his full power.

Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 49  Spoilers

Moro is stronger than before; now he is capable of fighting a very tough fight. In the upcoming chapter, we will come to know what was Moro’s Final wish. It is also possible that Planet Namek might wipe out in this chapter. We have to wait until Moro reveals what he wished for. Another spoiler suggests that we are going to see a big fight between Majin and Moro.

They are going to come face to face again. In the last chapter, Moro smacked down by Majin. However, in this chapter, we are going to see how power can change the whole scenario. That’s mean Moro will fight with his full potential and this time he will kick Majin down.

Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 49  Release date

This chapter is going to release next month close to June 19.



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