Constantine, Keanu Reeves Would Like To Shoot A Sequel To The Film!

Constantine, Keanu Reeves would like to shoot a sequel to the film!

Constantine movie

Keanu Reeves says he would “love” to come back to the series of Constantine. The film was initially released in 2005 and did not find a better response of fans or critics from viewers. A comic writer was familiarized John Constantine who is also a creator Alan Moore and mostly writing the Swamp factor. He initial introduced to the industry in 1985. In 1988, Constantine has also got his own comic book titles as “Hellblazer”. And this has been greeted by DC fans for over thirty years currently.

The excitement was high on Constantine before it hit theaters. However, that quickly pale away. Although, Keanu Reeves would still wish to come to the role. Reeves has been talking heaps regarding previous roles over the past many weeks.

It may come back with a sequel taken once more by Keanu Reeves, or a minimum of this is often the want of the actor. Engaged within the promotion of John Wick 3, Reeves has confessed to eager to portray the character of John Constantine.

Although, Constantine is presently shown on small screens by Matt Ryan within the DC Legends of Tomorrow series. Let me clear one thing is that the desire expressed by Reeves might simply notice a bank in Warner Bros. Have a look below!


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