15 Common Sports Betting Mistakes & Tips to Avoid Them

Common Sports Betting Mistakes

If you are a beginner to sports betting, you may be worrying about possible failures and losses. It takes practice, hard work, and experience to achieve perfection. However, you inevitably make a few mistakes.


These mistakes can cost you some money, but do not let them affect you much. They are simply a part of the learning curve. If each of your mistakes is a new one, you can be sure that you have made some progress. 

  1. Not Managing Money Properly

This is the most common mistake that sports bettors make. This mistake is however, potent enough to cause more damage than all other mistakes together. Fortunately, enough, it is also easy to avoid if you are careful. All you need to know is how to manage your bankroll.

  1. Having Unrealistic expectations

Some people build unrealistic expectations and make bets on sports only to lose at the end. They believe that they can make easy money just because they have a little awareness of the sport they are betting on. This is the misconception that has to be avoided. Winning bets and wagers takes a lot of hard work, experience, and knowledge. 

  1. Placing too many Wagers

This is an attribute that is often overlooked. Sports betting needs patience. You have to wait for the right opportunities to invest some money. For example, many people bet on a wide range of sports. Some people bet on every event related to sports. A selective approach is much better. Rather than betting on different sports, focus your attention on one or two. Remember that your goal is not to place as many as wagers as you can, but to bet your money on the best of them. 

  1. Betting for the Wrong Reasons

 There is only one good reason for placing bets, and that is to make long term profits when you discover a good opportunity. Any bets placed for a reason other than the aforementioned are not good enough reasons to place wagers. This type of behavior can cost you money in the long term. 

  1. Misunderstanding or Ignoring Value

It is most vital to avoid making this mistake when you bet for profits. It is a mistake that has to be avoided even when betting for fun. For all intents and purposes, it is only possible to make money in the long run with a clear and crisp understanding of value and how it is related to sports betting.  Even the most successful bettors place wagers only when they have identified good value in the betting market for sports. 

  1. Not Learning Basic Strategies

Many people who bet on sports events make profits only after using some strategy. These people typically dedicate time to learn a few basic strategies that help them in making better and quality decisions. 

Not Learning Basic Strategies

Websites like Freebets not only are popular bookmaker websites but are also known for the tips and tricks they provide. Refer such tips or talk to experienced bettors to get the hang of how the betting works. 

  1. Not Comparing Odds and Lines

To get the maximum value out of the wagers, we need to compare the odds and lines available on different bookmaker websites and betting stores. This is essential to ensure that you place your wagers where the best deals are available. 

  1. Using the Wrong Betting Sites

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to place wagers is through online bookmaker websites. They are easy and convenient and also come with many other benefits. However, it is essential to use the right sites that are reputable and trustworthy. Unfortunately, a lot of sports bettors just sign up for whichever website they find first. 

  1. Forgetting to Cash Out

For whichever reason you are betting, it is essential to cash out after a particularly good win or a row of wins. You can use that money to build your bankroll. 

  1. Not putting in the efforts

Whoever told you that betting is easy, was wrong. Betting is not an easy path to treasure riches. As mentioned above, it takes hard work, perseverance, and experience to be successful.

Not putting in the efforts

  1. Blaming Bad Luck

Sometimes you may lose because of bad luck and many times due to poor judgment, but not get confused between the two. Accept that you have to work on your judgment better and look for ways to improve your skills rather than crying over luck. 

  1. Betting when drunk

This is self-explanatory. Alcoholic drinks cloud our judgment and that can result in losses. 

Betting when drunk

  1. Sticking with a losing strategy

You should not give up on a strategy that does yield positive results, but you should always give up on a strategy that has immediately generated negative results. 

  1. Always backing your favorites

Often found guilty of this are the beginners. It will not cause too much damage but in the long run it has to be taken care of. Backing favorites always is not the right betting strategy. 

  1. Chasing big payouts

Rather than always backing favorites, some people tend to chase longshots all the time. Backing selections at higher odds consistently to chase big payouts is undeniably a mistake, though. 



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