Choosing the Right Field Service Management Software: Key Features to Consider

Choosing the Right Field Service Management Software: Key Features to Consider

Opting for field service management software is a key step in digitizing your field service business operations. With many options available in the market for both general and specialized needs – it can get overwhelming to decide which software to test and adopt.

In this article, we have covered the top features your field service management software should have to help you transition from paper to paperless operations.

What is field service management software?

The field service management app is specialized software to help field service businesses manage their business operations. It can automate administrative and manual tasks across scheduling, dispatching, customer servicing, etc. It is also capable to provide unique insights into your business to optimize its operations, cash flow, and customer service.

For example, Zuper is a robust field service management software that caters to many field service workflows and enables them with digitization. Adopting such software is a positive step towards better field service management.

Top 6 features your field service management software should have

Here are six critical features that a good field service management software should include:

Advanced scheduling and dispatching automation

Scheduling and dispatching operations are very important for field service businesses to get right. It is prone to error, and such mistakes easily lose customers’ trust and hurt brand value.

A field service management app is able to automate the scheduling of jobs and dispatch them to the right field service technician. It can recognize the job’s requirements, check inventory levels, and assign the job and resources to relevant workers.

Some typical features you can look Though it is technically different from Kaizen Software, it also helps in the process of enhancing operational improvement among the workforce or a team, as it is able to track the key parameters involved in the success of any field force of an organization, be it a marketing, logistics, customer service or dispatch team.

Mobile access

Mobile access is key to gaining visibility of the job site for modern field service management. For this, it is necessary for the software to be available on both Android and iOS devices. It should have geo-tracking abilities to help know the real-time location of field service technicians.

Mobile access also enables your field service workers to access important information regarding the project or service manual on the go. They should be able to update the work order status, take feedback post-delivery, and share any pictures or voice recording with the back-office team for inspection.

Thus, mobile access is necessary to improve workforce productivity and gain visibility on ground operations.

Customer relationship management

It is a requirement for growing businesses to know how their customers are receiving the services. For this, your field service management software should have integrated customer relationship management features. This includes real-time updates about the job, sending payment notifications, customer support, and feedback mechanism.

Having CRM in place would help track service delivery and gain insights on potential ways to improve customer service.

Dynamic inventory management

Without relevant features for inventory management, it becomes difficult to allocate resources efficiently. Better to choose software that includes dynamic inventory management to automatically maintain the ideal inventory levels.

For example, if certain materials are in low stock, it should alert you about the same, while also requesting to place an order on time. Such simple measures help reduce any delays in delivering the service, thus improving the overall customer experience.

Document management system

Many field service tasks may require training field service technicians. Sometimes, they may even want to access user manuals for equipment or know best practices for dealing with the issue at hand. For this, having a good document management system is helpful for remote troubleshooting.

Estimates and invoicing

Creating quotes is a frequent business activity carried out by field service businesses. Hence, it is wise to choose a field service management software that is integrated with estimation software. It helps reduce any errors due to miscalculations and increases the speed of responding to potential leads.

Once a quote is approved by the client, the software should automatically raise the invoice for any payments as per the terms. Follow-ups with leads and customer engagement features are also important to ensure better conversions.

Let us help you choose the right field service management app

If you’re looking to demo potential field service management apps, check out Zuper – a specialized software for managing field service businesses. Equipped with the critical six features, it includes advanced capabilities like geo-fencing, app integrations, contract management, and intelligent dispatching.Book a demo to know which features are relevant for your field service operations, and our team will consult you for better adoption.


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