China Halts Imports From Tyson Foods Due to Coronavirus Fears

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With the world slowly opening up, businesses are starting up again but the fear of the coronavirus still looms. China is banning poultry imports from Tyson Foods over Coronavirus fears. Coronavirus fears from this company are due to a recent coronavirus outbreak at the facility run by Tyson Foods. The company is based in the United States and the facility in question is the US too. The US is slowly opening up its economy despite recording higher coronavirus cases. This is leading to a lot of fear amongst the American people and their customers abroad. On June 21, the General Administration of Customs of the US confirmed the outbreak at Tyson Foods’ facility.

About Tyson Foods and Coronavirus Fears

Tyson Foods is not commenting upon which plant is suffering from a coronavirus outbreak. They aren’t confirming which plant is the reason behind the ban from China. All that we know is that all this is about a plant in Springdale, Arkansas which is on Berry Street. The Department of Agriculture of the US and China both refer to the plant using the same number. On June 19, Tyson Foods declared that 481 employees of the company have tested positive for the coronavirus. All these cases are in Arkansas while about half of them are in the facility at Springdale.

The company says that it tested 3,700 employees in total. All the employees are suffering from the coronavirus are symptomatic except for 26 of them. Tyson Foods in its defense is saying that it is sure that its products are safe. The company is hoping that inter-governmental talks between the US and China will sort out the issue of the ban.

Why did China ban food imports?

China is seeing a resurgence in cases after manging the cases successfully earlier. It is now being hit by a second wave and is taking steps to control it. This resurgence is linked to a wholesale food marketplace in Beijing. The virus was found on the chopping board in use by a salmon seller who sold imported salmon. This finding is forcing China to take these measures.

Tyson Foods argues that there is no evidence that supports the transmission of the virus through food. However, China is stating that it could have come through the packaging of frozen items rather than the food itself. Now, China is saying that it will scrutinize all imports into the country thoroughly. China regularly places orders with Tyson Foods and hence this will have a huge impact. Recently, China has been ordering a lot of pork from Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods was also expecting that China will double the chicken orders that it usually places.

Final Thoughts

China and the food company of Tysons have enjoyed a good symbiotic relationship. China is a huge market for the company while they helps fulfill China’s meat demand. It is important that both sides come up with an amicable solution. It is important to not constrict supply chains while trying to control coronavirus cases.


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