The world can seem very unpredictable and scary when you’re freshly graduated. Sometimes it feels there are just too many options, or it may seem that there are no options at all. Post-graduation depression takes over, and it looks like that you are not competent enough for any work. But that is the time you must embark on a career path journey. You must judge your skill sets and assess which career roadmap for graduates you find is best for you.

Some fresh graduates have no idea how many career options are available related to software development. This technological age has raised the demand for software engineers and programmers in the market. They get to work in different fields, under corporations that make daily life easier for people. Let us discuss some promising career roadmap for graduates in software development.


A front-end developer is responsible for creating a link between the world of technology and design. You can start with HTML, CSS, JS to get comfortable with the web work. And then you can move towards more complicated and front-end focused frameworks. Such frameworks include React, Angular, VueJS, which are building blocks to front-end applications. The front-end work is more suitable for fresh graduates because it is an excellent role for people with no previous programming experience. It doesn’t require a person to know essential details about CS theoretical concepts.


The games we love to play, software developers play a role in their designing part. Software developers are responsible for the design and development of video games. These video games are on different interfaces, such as personal computers, mobiles, and gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. Their responsibility is to write a code for the base engine based on the designing team’s ideas.


The DevOps engineers hold the responsibility to build an infrastructure and multiple tools that allow rapid maintenance, development, and software launch. So the main focus of this role lies in making the development process of different software easy. But how to become a DevOps engineer? It will help if you market yourself as a competent candidate. You need to develop strong communication and collaboration skills since it is the DevOps engineer’s responsibility to communicate effectively. Effective communication leads to constant learning, which is the key to successful working.


Web backend engineering is also a good option for fresh graduates. The field requires general competency, and there is a lot of room to grow. You also won’t need any prior experience to take your first steps in this career roadmap for graduates. Students mostly learn Java, C, Python during their graduation for some eligibility. You can quickly get a job with this qualification and some critical team working skills for companies looking to grow their backend servers. You will learn about the new technologies in this field, including APIs, Database, Networking Protocols, Scalability, Cloud Services, etc.


Mobiles are in everyone’s hands and part of most people’s daily lives in the world. So an industry, which is rapidly growing, changing, and updating is that of mobile. That is why there is a high demand for mobile engineers in the market. If you enter this field, there are two major platforms. The first is Android, which needs Java and Kotlin. Another is iOS that works on Objective-C or Swift. There are many options with famous frameworks like Flutter and React Native with a single code base for Android and iOS applications.


The value of data surpasses anything else these days. That is why companies invest a lot of money, resources, and skills in collecting data that can help them make better business choices. They manage this data through applications. But a significant amount of data they collect may not be coherent. That is where data engineers come to play. Their responsibility is to help the company sort the data, process it, and gain knowledge and insight. Their responsibilities include having to write scripts in Python and SQL to complete this job. If you understand data engineering, it will be a great choice of the field after graduation. You will find ways to evolve, learn more, and advance towards machine learning.


A fresh graduate should focus on career path development. And there is no shame in switching jobs if the current responsibilities and requirements don’t agree with you. Remember that you have to stick with it once you choose a path and gain experience in it. That is why graduates need to make educated choices. All of the career choices mentioned above have great pays and manageable entry levels. They require little to no prior experience. And they provide opportunities for a person to grow. The ideal career roadmap for graduates is the one that promises growth, learning opportunities, interest, and excellent payoffs. So make your choice wisely.


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