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Tech-Free Activities That the Entire Family Will Love

Technology is everywhere today, and it can be a challenge to imagine having fun as a family without using mobile devices or other tech. However, at Freeway Insurance, we know it’s important to have device-free time together at home with our loved ones.

That’s why we’ve created this list of tech-free activities to try with your family. It might be a stretch to ask your teen to put the phone down, but once they do, they’ll have a great time!

Here are three tech-free activities to enjoy today.

Cook Dinner Together

Even picky eaters are far more likely to try food if they have a role in preparing it, so cooking together can be a great screen-free activity. You can get out a regular cookbook and find a fun recipe that’s not too challenging.

When you’re cooking together, you have the chance to teach younger children how to measure, count, and mix ingredients. Older children can discover how to follow a recipe, apply food safety rules, and chop vegetables.

Once the food is ready, everyone can sit down and enjoy the meal together. You might even decide to make this a weekly event!

Put Together a Jigsaw Puzzle

Putting a puzzle together is an activity that takes just a few hours and provides loads of fun. Our agents at Freeway Insurance know what it’s like to make sense of a puzzling situation, but doing a puzzle as a family gives you the experience of problem-solving as a team.

As you piece together the puzzle, you can talk to your kids about how things are going with friends, family, significant others, and school. The puzzle can provide a buffer that makes conversation easier and less stressful for young people.

Putting together a puzzle feels like a great accomplishment, and after several hours of tech-free time, you probably earned the right to snap a photo and share your work. Doing puzzles creates great memories and helps you bond as a family.

Go to the Park

If there’s one thing we don’t do enough, it’s getting outside. We know how important it is to enjoy fresh air and sunshine regularly. So why not put down the devices and spend some quality time together at a park?

You can find a park with playground equipment and enjoy playing together (even adults — yes, just do it!) Or walk around a pond or have a picnic together. However you decide to enjoy the outdoors, you’ll be glad everyone left their technology behind to spend a few hours together.

Relax Tech-Free

You probably gravitate towards a device like your phone, TV, or gaming platform when you have free time. However, when you and your family take time to put the technology away and spend time together, you’ll form deeper relationships.

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