Black Mirror season 5: First Trailer Coming Soon On Netflix!

Watch the first trailer for Black Mirror season 5, coming to Netflix June 5!

Black Mirror 5

The show is amazing. Surely it will show the downside of technology which you enjoy very much. But unlike other shows they don’t have a happy ending rather they show the bitter truth which affects our lives in a bad way.

The Black Mirror Season 5 will be coming on Netflix soon on 5th June 2019. You can watch the very first trailer of season 5 will watch here. It has over all three episodes in the upcoming season.

The direction is also amazing, as you can’t guess what will be going to happen which also makes it is mysterious and curious.

Definitely a refreshing show by adding an anthology show combined with an underlying theme of the advancements of technology and the influences it has over humanity.

One huge advantage of being an anthology show is the many different genres and themes this show explores thus making each episode cater to a different audience.

Every episode, you’ll rethink and reflect how the world practices a decelerating set of values. Then, every end of the episode, you’ll have this heavy heart feeling and feel so awful.

Maybe of the fact that you’re a human too and somehow you know, metaphorically. The situations presented on the show is also happening in your community but instead of doing what’s right. You sit idly and watch, letting the madness continue.

No mere words can describe that creepy feeling. Like the shrinking and the horror, and of course, the present-day relevance that you experience while watching this show.

Majority of the episodes end with you just staring at the credits. And wondering what has hit you and from where. Absolutely brilliant in the way it depicts the gradual spiral downwards of contemporary society.


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